Project background

The Al-Kharsaah 800 MW solar power project is the first large-scale solar power plant owned by Siraj energy. This project has other shareholders, such as Total and Marubeni. It will be managed and operated by Siraj Energy, a partnership between Qatar Petroleum and Qatar Electricity and Water company.

This 800.15 MW photovoltaic solar power project was contracted to a Chinese company called PowerChina Guizhou Engineering Co., Ltd by the government of Qatar. This project was launched as part of the Qatar 2023 vision projects to provide green solar energy in the 2022 world cup games. The 800 MW photovoltaic solar project is the first large-scale solar power ground project connected to Qatar’s national power grid. One of the world’s biggest photovoltaic projects, using double-sided modules and tracking devices, is used at this solar power plant. It pays more attention to the use of water-cooling technology, which not only saves energy but also reduces costs.

The project installed Luxman solar lights in Qatar. These solar lights are integrated with 25W solar lamps, which can be operated remotely and have three power modes for different brightness levels. The main advantage of this plant is that it is relatively simple and easy to maintain and has a long service life. It applies the latest solar energy technologies, including automated sun tracking and robotic cleaning of solar panels and dual panels, to increase efficiency and reduce the costs of operating the power station.


Products Used

BK Series

Solar Street Lights

  • Minimum CRI 70
  • 5700K 2200lm
  • 30% Dusk to dawn
  • Allows different tilt angles 0°-72°
  • Anti High temperature -20 to 60 °C
LUXMAN - 768try 22

LUXMAN BK Series solar light is a premium solar light product designed for outdoor lighting.

BK Series come with a remote, the user can choose the working mode by remote.

The light can be mounted on the pole or on the wall, the high standard product configure allows a very stable quality performance.

LX-LD15W-S3 with mounting base and arm324pcs2200-2300lm,10-12 hour per night and 3-5 rainy days.

The challenge

The main challenge with this project was the client’s did not want the welding of the container for installation. This is because welding the lights on the container would damage it. In addition, corrosion would easily occur because the project site is in desert areas that are salty and acidic. These conditions increase the chances of corrosion on the welded parts.

The other challenge is the high temperatures of the project site. Qatar is an area with desert conditions. This means that temperatures can rise to 55 °C. These high temperatures can damage the solar lights and other equipment installed with the solar lights. A large number of dust particles and sand in the desert area increase the chances of dust particles on the solar panels. This would reduce the efficiency of photovoltaic conversion.

The contractor had to find a solution to minimize damage caused by high temperatures, high dust, and strong winds in desert areas.

The solution

The first solution that Luxman came up with was welding the solar street lights qatar to the container. Luxman customized the lights and the containers and added fixtures to enable easy screwing of the solar lights to the containers. Luxman also added adapters to the solar street light qatar that would allow the solar lights to be adjusted to different angles for maximum sunlight. Another feature added to the solar lights was a sensor that would automatically turn the solar light on at sunset and turn it off at sunrise.

It would also be operated remotely according to the client’s needs. This solution provided optimal lighting and ensured that the lights could be used for the longest time possible.

The other solution was how to cope with the high temperatures in Qatar. The battery is the main part of the solar light affected by high temperatures. Luxman adopted LifePO4 batteries, which can operate in high-temperature areas. These batteries are more efficient and have a longer service life, even in environments with high temperatures.

LUXMAN - Container

The benefits

Powered by the sun, less maintenance

  • Luxman’s off-grid solar-powered street lights provide Eco green energy lighting, which uses sustainable energy and reduces the CO2 emissions that come with electricity production.
  • The no-welding mounting design will not damage the container and allow the container a longer lifetime in this tough environment.
  • The high-quality LifePO4 batteries allow longer product lifetime and less maintenance cost.

The result

Significant savings and lower ongoing costs

The Luxman solar street light qatar emit a bright light to increase the visibility and security of the site at night. The high-quality LED lights are designed to last longer, save energy, reduce maintenance costs and improve the output of light required for a well lit and secure site.

Luxman estimates that the Solar Street Light in qatar will save more than 50% cost



Simple installation and less maintenance


Luxman All In One Solar Street Light can be easily carried to remote areas marking them efficient lighting solutions.