• Solar Remote Area Lighting Application

    LUXMAN - Solar remote area light

Application Case

The islands are often far from the land, many of which are in remote areas. Laying the grid is a difficult problem to solve, so nowadays many islands are not connected to electricity, and lighting is an issue that residents of the island urgently need to solve. Solar street lights can solve the lighting problem because they do not need to be connected to the power grid. At the same time, some additional functions of the solar street lights, such as USB port charging, can provide some other aspects of life convenience for island residents to solve remote area lighting problems.

outdoor solar lights
LUXMAN - solar remote area light
LUXMAN - solar street light 1


  • Installation anywhere
  • Maintenance free
  • No underground or overhead service
  • No electricity bill
  • Different styles available
  • Powered by the sun, No electricity bills.

Our Solution

Solar energy lighting projects require very high climatic conditions in the application area, such as sunshine time, rainy days, longitude and latitude and so on.How to provide an effective solar lighting solution, LUXMAN will develop a unique customized solar lighting solution according to the application conditions provided by customers.