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Technological Superiority

LUXMAN Solar Led Street Light utilizes the working principle of Solar green energy. With the principle, sunlight is converted into electric energy during daytime by photovoltaic technology – better known as solar panels.

This energy is stored safely in an integrated battery, which guarantees sufficient lighting by efficient LED overnight – even with cloudy weather forecasts. This robust stand-alone solution is designed for a sustainable future, in both rural and urban areas.


Strong R & D

Reliable Product



solar street light

Technical highlights

Luxman Solar Street light equipped with advanced technology in the world

  • The user can monitor the working state of the lamp through the APP.
  • Using infrared motion sensor or microwave technology.
  • The conversion rate of solar energy has reached 18-20%.
  • Charging and discharging efficiency can be adjusted as a whole.

State-of-the-Art Technology

We have never stopped research and exploration on solar street light technology



LUXMAN can customize your own smartphone Solar Street lighting management App for our client. The user can monitor the working state of the lamp through the APP, adjust the lighting mode, select the lighting mode according to the rainy day etc.


LAXMAN’S S2 S3 S3C series is available in remote control, users can control the lights by remote, Users can turn ON-OFF the lights by remote, it’s also available to choose three kinds of lighting mode, according to different kinds of application and environment. The S3 and S3C series remote control can choose the brightness level and lighting hours.


LUXMAN product adopted the LifePO4 Battery Pack, The life cycle and high-temperature performance are significantly better than the normal lithium battery. The battery has overcharge and over discharge protection, low voltage protection, temperature protection, etc., Fully Sealed Battery Box is waterproof, dustproof, summer heat insulation and winter heat preservation.


LUXMAN Solar Street light adopts the infrared motion sensor or microwave technology, it detects movement within 10-12M, it detects movement automatically regulates the output of the light brightness, This allows save battery capacity and operation period.


The world-class brand of the solar cell had been used for LUXMAN Solar Street Light, LUXMAN only choose the A grade solar panel material, The conversion rate of solar energy has reached 18-20%.


The efficiency of charging and discharging can be overall adjusted, and the intelligent power design allows the brightness can be adjusted automatically according to the current power capacity, thus prolonging the rainy day and lighting longer. Three lighting modes are available and can be adjusted by remote control, suitable for different installation environment.