• Solar Construction Site Light

    construction site solar light

Application Case

It is important that a construction site is implemented with suitable Solar Construction Site Lighting system, in order that construction work can continue effectively and safely in periods of insufficient natural light by adding an artificial lighting system. Solar Lighting system ensures a timely manner to finish project.

Construction sites are often temporary sites, and the construction sites during the construction process may change at any time, so there are certain requirements for the mobility of the lamps. The STAND-ALONE design of the LUXMAN solar street light just meets the requirements. In addition, solar street lights charge from the sun light during the day and provide illumination at night, without the need to connect to the grid for power supplying. It will not be influenced by the power grid which is usually far away from the site.

LUXMAN Solar Street Light provide safe, convenient and comfortable lighting environment for construction site workers. From this point of view, Luxman is providing a productive tool to workers, constructors and owners.

With the help of solar construction site lights, it not only help to reduce construction site nighttime accidents, but also help to prevent the theft stealing construction materials. Not losing is winning. You win with our products!

construction site lighting
luxman solar construction site light
solar powered construction light


  • Convenient Installation
  • Powered by the renewable sun light
  • Off grid power
  • No electricity bills
  • Maintenance free
  • Night accidents Reduction on Construction Site
  • Different styles available

Our Solution

Solar energy lighting projects require proper climatic conditions in the application area, such as sunshine time, rainy days, longitude and so on. How to provide an effective solar lighting solution is a pure technical issue. So it is with Solar Construction Site Lighting.  LUXMAN has developed a unique customized solar lighting solution according to the application conditions provided by customers.