• Solar Road Lighting

    solar light for country road

Solar Roadway Lighting

LUXMAN Solar roadway lighting product designed  for providing off-grid Solar road lighting to high way, street or other kinds of road. LUXMAN Solar road lighting system is the first generation of revolutionary product combining solar and LED technology. The utilization of LED technology enables it to maximize all the solar energy and illuminate the environment with radiant light. Built-in sensitive night sensor and presence sensor that automatically regulates the light output brightness prepending upon detection of presence around the light to preserve battery power.

LUXMAN Solar powered off road lights Products:

Application Case

The cost of laying underground wire and electrical equipment of installation conventional LED Street Light is often astonishing. On the opposite because the Solar roadway lights does not need to connect to the traditional power grid, it can save this part of the cost. At the same time, due to the continuous improvement of technology, the light efficiency and efficiency of Solar road lights has been comparable to the traditional LED street lamp. It upgrade road areas with an attractive design and also be environmentally friendly, economical and with low maintenance needs.

solar street light
solar road light
remote area light


  • Reduction in night accidents
  • No electricity bill
  • Maintenance free
  • No underground or overhead service
  • Maintenance free

Our Solution

Solar energy lighting projects require very high climatic conditions in the application area, such as sunshine time, rainy days, longitude and latitude and so on.How to provide an effective solar lighting solution, LUXMAN will develop a unique customized solar lighting solution according to the application conditions provided by customers.