Solar street light cases

How Long Do Solar Lights Last? 6 tips to make solar lights live longer

How Long Do Solar Lights Last?

According to the 2024 mainstream model, solar lights are usually set to continue lighting 12 disappear from dusk until dawn. Designed service life of 8~10 years. As a professional solar street light manufacturer, we now use lithium iron phosphate batteries and LED lights to produce solar lights, ensuring they can be used for over 10 years. Lower-quality solar lights may use batteries that last only 3 to 5 years, resulting in short illumination duration and the need for regular battery replacement, which is highly unfriendly.

Luxman strongly recommends using high-quality solar lights and provides a 5-year warranty. Even Luxman’s solar street lights can continue to illuminate for 12 hours every day during seven consecutive rainy days.

Solar street light cases

How to Extend the Illumination Duration of Solar Lights

Keeping the solar panels clean

If you want to make full use of the solar panels, you need to clean them regularly to ensure that sunlight reaches them smoothly and that the batteries receive enough power. If manual cleaning seems too troublesome, you can choose or customize solar lights with automatic cleaning, ensuring that the solar panels always perform at their best.

Installing in open areas

Make sure to install the solar lights in places where sunlight can shine directly on them, ensuring sufficient illumination duration.

Scientific setting of lighting modes

You can use PIR motion sensing modes to adjust the brightness or set lighting brightness according to different time periods, saving more power to ensure longer illumination.

Using LED lights

LED lights have more efficient illumination effect, saving energy.

Proper extreme weather and climate protection functions

Solar lights can be equipped with temperature control functions to cope with extremely cold and hot weather. If this function is not available, it is best to purchase solar lights with corrosion protection for humid areas and coastal areas. Luxman’s solar lights all have these functions. If your solar lights do not have these functions, please bring them indoors during icy weather in winter.

Use lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO₄)

LiFePO₄ can cycle up to 3000 times and are the most ideal solar batteries.


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