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Solar Powered Security Lights

Luxman Solar Security Light with CCTV camera not only can provide 24hours of surveillance and security, but also 12 hours solar lighting environment. It comes with Remote Control to select among the preset PIR, Timer or PIR+Timer options or a different configuration registered by the user, Users can manage and monitor through mobile APP or PC.

Luxman Solar Security Light Product View:

The stand-alone outdoor wifi security light with PIR motion sensor  is a perfect wireless security surveillance systems for remote, hard to reach or electricity off-grid areas. Solar powered security lightswith motion sensor can be widely used in parks, courtyards, schools and other places to provide safety monitoring and lighting environment.


  • Install anywhere
  • No electricity wiring
  • No electricity bill
  • Maintenance free
  • Smart control

LED Solar Security Light

The stand-alone design allows motion sensor light with camera can be used in remote places, for example, especially areas without any access to grid electricity infrastructure. The majority of Telecom tower sites in Africa are deployed in either off-grid areas or problematic grid areas with unreliable power supply. The Solar Power system venture into using street lights on site with CCTV’s monitoring the sites to avoid darkness and theft. This is one of a typical application of solar wifi security camera, moreover, the outdoor wireless security lights battery powered can be used for monitoring hydrologic monitoring, such kind of industrial operation sites.It also can be used for home garden, Square, parks etc.

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Our Solution

Solar energy lighting projects require very high climatic conditions in the application area, such as sunshine time, rainy days, longitude and latitude and so on.How to provide an effective solar lighting solution, LUXMAN will develop a unique customized solar lighting solution according to the application conditions provided by customers.