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How To Choose the Right Batteries for your Solar light?

Choosing the right solar battery for your solar light is essential to its optimal performance. Whether you are replacing a battery in an existing solar light or selecting one for a new solar light, there are several factors to consider. Knowing the purpose and usage of the solar light, the type of solar panel, the battery capacity, and the environmental temperature are essential for selecting the best solar battery for your solar lights. With the right battery, your solar light can provide reliable illumination that can last for years, making it a smart and economical choice.

Main types of solar light batteries in the market

When searching for the right batteries for your solar light, you will have many options to consider.

Lead acid battery

Lead Acid Battery

Lead acid battery is a type of battery whose electrode is mainly made of lead and oxide, and the electrolyte is sulfuric acid solution.Lead-acid batteries have been around for years and have established themselves as one of the preferred batteries in the market. They were the first rechargeable batteries ever created. Although they have high power surges, Lead-acid batteries discharge faster than other modern batteries. There are three types of Lead-acid batteries which include:

Sealed/maintenance-free Lead-acid battery: This lead-acid battery has vents and valves that are kept open to release pressure inside the battery in case the pressure builds up. The pressure can build up because of rapid charging or high current surge when discharging.

Starter: This Lead-acid battery is designed to provide a high-voltage surge for a few seconds. It is commonly used in vehicles to start the engine.

Deep cycle battery: This Lead-acid battery is designed to continuously provide power in golf carts, wheelchairs, and other electrical equipment. They are built to provide maximum power capacity and higher operational cycles.

These batteries are commonly used to power anything from a car to a solar light since they are inexpensive.

 Gel battery

Gel Battery

The Gel battery is a lithium acid battery that valves to regulate the flow of electrolytes. This battery uses sulfuric acid and an electrolyte combined with silica fumes. It is an old model battery but emits fewer fumes than the Lead acid battery. The Gel battery can be used in areas with poor ventilation because of the low fumes that it produces. The gel battery does not need any maintenance as it uses valves that open to allow the internal gases to combine with water. These batteries are versatile and robust.

Ternary lithium battery

 Ternary lithium battery

Ternary lithium battery

The ternary lithium battery is a type of lithium battery that uses ternary materials as the cathode. The cathodes for ternary batteries are made from aluminum, cobalt or nickel. Ternary lithium batteries are preferred for solar lighting because of their higher energy density than lead-acid batteries. The nickel used in ternary batteries improves the conductivity of the batteries, efficiency, and cycling.

Lithium iron phosphate battery(LifePO4 )

Lithium iron phosphate battery

TLithium Iron phosphate battery

The lithium iron phosphate battery is a battery that offers high energy density and a high capacity. These batteries are designed to offer high cycles and reliable performance in a wide range of operating temperatures.

Compared to other batteries, the Lithium iron phosphate battery has a lighter weight, more lifespan, and greater performance and reliability. This battery has a faster charging rate and stores power for longer. This battery does not need active maintenance in its service.

These batteries are the lightest weight variety of batteries and are the least expensive among all the other solar lights battery types.

Different solar light battery type

Battery typeNominal cell voltageBattery pack voltageCycle LifeCostTemperate performance
Lead acid battery2.2V12V350 timeslow-20℃-50℃
Gel battery2.35-2.4V12V or 24V500 timeslow-15 ~ 40℃
Ternary lithium(Li-ion)3.7V11.1V(12V)800-1000timeshigh-20℃~50℃
Lithium Iron Phosphate battery(LifePO4 )3.2V12.8V or 25.6V1500-2000timeshigh-10℃~60℃

Lead acid battery: A lead acid battery has a nominal cell voltage of 2.2V and a total voltage of 12V. This battery can be charged 350 times reliably and does not heat up during charging. The charging temperatures of this battery are 20-50 degrees C. This old model battery is bulky and unsuitable for modern solar lights apart from the split type of solar lights. The battery is also heavy and bulky.

Gel battery: This battery has a nominal cell voltage of 2.35 to 2.4V and a total voltage of 12V or 24V. This battery can be charged 500 times and has a considerably low cost. The charging temperatures of this battery are 15-40 degrees C. The Gel battery is also not suitable for modern solar lights. This battery can be damaged by overcharging. It requires proper regulators to ensure that overcharging does not occur. The Gel battery is not suitable for use in high temperatures. Higher temperature causes the cells to shrink making the gel hard.

Ternary lithium(Li-ion): This battery has a nominal cell voltage of 3.7V and a total voltage of 11.1 (12)V. It can be charged for 500 to 800 times and has a low self-discharge rate. This battery comes in different shapes and sizes, so it is not interchangeable among various devices. The main advantage of this battery is its high energy capacity.

It is ideal for use in solar lights because it plays a key role in increasing reliability, reducing maintenance costs, and increasing energy efficiency compared to other batteries currently on the market. Ternary lithium(Li-ion) is also reliable because it can withstand high operating temperatures.

Lithium Iron Phosphate battery(LifePO4 ): Compared to many other types of batteries, this battery has a longer life span. It also does not lose its charge even when it has not been used for a long time, unlike other batteries. It has a nominal cell voltage of 3.2V and a total voltage of 12.8V or 25.6V.

This battery is ideal for high temperature operating conditions. It can withstand temperatures of up to 60℃. The Lithium Iron Phosphate battery does not need active maintenance. It can last for up to 2000 cycles.

This battery is ideal for use in solar lights because it is now being used in some new solar lights due to its efficiency, safety, and durability.

How does Solar battery influence solar light lifetime?

Many factors, including the solar light battery type, the battery cycles life, the environment temperature and the stability of the battery can affect how long your solar lights last. influence the solar light lifespan. For example,in hot weather countries the environment temperate is nearly 55℃, Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is the best, safe and reliable choice.

When looking for a solar battery to power your solar lights, you should consider the application environment, life cycles,  stability and battery pack voltage and your budget.

Which type of battery is best for solar light?

Lithium Iron Phosphate battery(LifePO4) is a perfect and reliable option for many solar lights, especially for All in one solar street light. The cost of Lithium Iron Phosphate battery(LifePO4) is higher than other types of batteries, but the reliability is much better,especially the high temperature performance and longer life cycles.

solar wind hybrid street light

What is AC DC Hybrid Solar Street Lights?


AC/DC Hybrid solar street lights are a powerful new technology that is changing the world right before our eyes. AC/DC Hybrid solar street lights are the perfect solution for lighting the streets at night. By combining the power of solar panels with grid AC utility power, these lights provide bright and reliable lighting that is both efficient and cost-effective.

What is AC DC Hybrid solar street lights

AC DC Hybrid Solar Street Lights are the first of their kind. The AC/DC Hybrid Solar Street Lights feature a grid-tied inverter and a battery storage system, providing an alternative to traditional street lighting like a high mast or pole-mounted lights.

These solar street lights have solar panels to tap solar energy during the day. This solar energy is stored in the battery for use later. The hybrid solar street lights are also connected to the external power grid. This serves as a backup power supply. When the battery power runs low, the hybrid street lights get power from the grid, providing you with a reliable and consistent supply of light.

ac dc solar street light

This new technology can be found in many applications, including lighting the streets and highways at night. By using solar panels, these solar street lights provide reliable lighting without relying on grid electricity, saving time and money.

You can program these lights to shine as needed, making them even more cost-effective.

The AC /DC solar street lights save a lot on costs because they are designed with prewiring. There is no intensive wiring work required to set up these lights. They use LED lights that emit bright illumination while saving energy consumption. The LED technology used in these lights is so efficient that they can supply light constantly for over four days.

Besides lighting, these hybrid solar street lights can be used in many other ways. Storing energy in the batteries means the hybrid solar street lights may also be used as emergency power sources. In this way, the heavy-duty battery and sturdy construction allow for use as an emergency backup in case of a power outage during storms or other events that might cause utility outages. The battery used in the hybrid solar street lights has a capacity of 12 volts.

What is Wind Solar hybrid solar street lights

The wind solar hybrid street lights combine the energy from the sun and wind to power up the street lights. They are designed to harvest the energy from the sun and wind to ensure a continuous and uninterrupted power supply to the street lights.

The wind solar hybrid street lights are also designed with a battery storage system ideal for use in remote areas where it isn’t easy to access grid power or even fully solar-powered street lights.

solar wind street light

Marriot Hotel Luxman Solar Wind Hybrid Street Light project.

These hybrid solar street lights are not only used for lighting up streets. They can also be used as emergency power sources, such as in the case of utility outages during storms or other events that might cause utility outages. These hybrid solar street lights have a heavy-duty battery and sturdy construction, allowing them to function as an emergency backup in case of a power outage during storms or other events that might cause utility outages.

The wind and the sun combined to provide a clean energy source that doesn’t harm the environment. The wind-solar hybrid solar street lights are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

The application of hybrid solar street light

Hybrid solar street lights have many interesting applications.

Large scale highway lighting: The hybrid solar street lights provide a stable lighting source for the highways, making it safer for motorists.

Parking lot lighting: It is a good idea to have hybrid street lights to light up the parking lots at night. This may help reduce vandalism.

Residential lighting: Hybrid solar street lights are also used in residential areas for residential lighting. Hybrid solar street lights save on costs and are very convenient compared to traditional methods of residential lighting.

Emergency lights: The hybrid solar street light can also be useful as an emergency light source. They can be used as a backup power source to illuminate when grid power is lost in a utility outage.

Additional benefits

Some benefits of hybrid solar street lamps are that they are efficient, cost-effective, environment friendly, and provide a 24/7 power supply. They do not require much maintenance, and they have a long life expectancy as well. These street lamps are ideal for use in remote areas where accessing an electrical connection is difficult. They provide a stable source of lighting without the need for grid electricity. They also help save on costs by eliminating the need to rely on the utility company for power. These street lights can be used as backup power sources when a blackout or a power outage occurs.

This technology allows these lights to provide light even during cloudy conditions when it is difficult to rely on solar energy alone. Hybrid solar street lamps are energy-efficient, cost-effective, and durable.

Since these hybrid solar street lights are prewired, they do not require extensive wiring work to set up at the location involved. This saves time and money that may otherwise have been spent on setting up these solar street lights.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Solar Energy


The world is moving towards a renewable future. In light of the imminent climate crisis, people are looking at alternative sources of energy that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Solar energy is one such alternative source of clean and renewable energy. It is abundant in many parts of the world and is not dependent on geo-location or climatic conditions to generate it.

While many people are adopting this technology to protect their environment and reduce their electricity bills budget, some disadvantages come with it too. This article will explore the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy and help you decide whether or not you should invest in this green technology for your home.

1. Advantages of Solar Energy

Solar energy is a clean, renewable, and eco-friendly fuel source. It is abundant in many parts of the world and is not dependent on geo-location or climatic conditions to produce it. Solar energy comes from the sun’s rays and can be used for various purposes. The advantages of solar power are listed below:

  • A clean and renewable source of energy:

Solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source, unlike other traditional sources of energy, such as coal or gas, that release harmful emissions into the environment. Solar panels are coated with solar cells and do not produce toxic chemicals as other fuel sources. Solar panels also do not produce carbon dioxide emissions when used in the home.

  • Solar power is affordable:

Solar power is becoming more affordable for homes and businesses alike, making it an accessible option for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint on the environment. However, it has an initial high installation cost. Additionally, with rising electricity costs, many homeowners are looking at renewable energy solutions as an alternative source of power that can reduce their monthly bills while generating clean and renewable power on-site.

  • Solar power has diverse applications:

Solar energy is used in many different applications to generate power. Sustainable energy can be used to power homes, businesses, and industries and for waste management. You can also use solar energy to generate heat for various purposes, such as space heating or hot water for showers and baths. Various industries are adopting renewable energy for their manufacturing processes as it allows for continuous production throughout the day and is unaffected by climatic conditions.

  • High-tech industry:

Green energy solar has become a high-tech industry where cutting-edge research is taking this technology further than what was previously imagined possible. Professional engineers are designing and refining new methods of solar power generation that are much more efficient than previous generations.

  • Provides a high level of independence:

When you install a green energy solar system for your home, business, or industry, you provide yourself with an independent energy source that does not depend on external factors to operate efficiently. If conventional power grids fail, the solar panel will still be able to provide you with power throughout the day. Solar technology is also more reliable than other external forms of energy as it continues to work even during periods of bad weather or cloud cover.

  • Green energy has a high acceptance rate as an alternative energy source:

Many people are aware of the environmental consequences of conventional fossil fuels and the need to drastically reduce our carbon footprint. Solar energy is an environmentally friendly, renewable, and eco-friendly alternative widely accepted as a sustainable energy source for most homes, businesses, and industries.

2. Disadvantages of sustainable energy?

  • The high initial cost of installation:

The initial costs of buying and installing solar panels can be high. Other devices are also needed, such as batteries and converters, which are expensive. This can create a barrier for many homeowners looking to start their solar energy projects.

  • Weather conditions can affect the performance of the system:

The solar panel works at its peak performance during sunny and clear conditions. The panels can become less efficient on days with heavy cloud cover or precipitation as it cannot generate power directly from the sun’s rays.

  • Solar panels consume a lot of space:

Solar panels can consume a lot of space depending on the number of panels you purchase for your system. The solar panels come in large rectangular sheets and can take up excessive space in your backyard or rooftop.

  • Storage of green energy solar can be expensive:

You need to store your solar energy properly. Getting enough storage capacity in your solar batteries will help you store the energy until it is needed. However, this is a costly process and requires professional installation of solar batteries installed on the roof or underground.

  • Adverse effects on the environment

Solar energy, while a clean and renewable power source, still has negative environmental impacts that need to be considered when using this technology. The manufacture of solar panels produces toxic waste that can harm the surrounding environment when improperly disposed of. Additionally, some newer methods of producing solar panels introduce toxic chemicals into the production process, which also harm the environment if not disposed of properly.

3. Green energy solar market trends

Green energy solar is a rapidly growing market experiencing positive growth due to increasing demand and government subsidies. Increasing CO2 levels and global warming concerns are making governments invest in renewable energy sources such as solar energy to reduce their CO2 emissions. For solar energy to become a more widespread power source, it will require increased investment on the part of both governments and private companies.

The solar industry has a high potential for generating employment opportunities in the coming years as new jobs are being created in the various sectors related to this field. Governments around the world have been investing heavily in research, design, and manufacturing, fueling growth prospects across all sectors related to solar technology.

Although solar energy is currently a niche market, it is rapidly gaining ground as more and more people are becoming concerned about the environment and want to reduce their carbon footprint. The general public’s increased awareness of environmental issues has fueled the solar energy industry.

Many advanced countries in Europe and North America are rapidly adopting renewable energy to generate power. The United States has seen strong market growth due to government incentives for using renewable sources. Many countries are now looking at increasing their investment to increase the amount of renewable energy generated, especially compared to other energy sources such as coal or gas.

auto clean solar street light

What is Auto Clean Solar Street Light?


Solar lights are alternatives of high usage in the past few years for lighting commercial or residential areas. Solar Street Light provides an ecologically friendly solution to renewable solar lighting. Installing solar street lights with a self-cleaning mechanism saves you time for manual cleaning, and they charge up faster because the solar panels are always clean.

Solar-powered street lights are very popular for their energy efficiency and eco-friendly. These lights are efficient for lighting up pathways or walkways, and they don’t require wiring.

1. What is Auto Clean Solar Street Light?

The auto clean solar street light is a solar street light with an auto-cleaning mechanism integrated with its design.  One of the features that stands out with the auto clean solar street light is the self cleaning mechanism, which is  an brush with thick bristles that allow up to four hours of automatic cleaning. The brush bristles have a flat fitting on the solar panels, allowing for thorough cleaning. The bristles are made to be thick and soft for an awesome cleaning.


2. Where do you need Auto Clean Solar Street Light?

The auto cleaning solar street light is ideal for installing in heavy dust areas and areas with a high bird population. When you have traditional solar street lights installed in such areas, you must manually clean them. This means you have to take down the solar street lights every once in a while for cleaning. With the auto clean solar street light, you don’t have to worry about this anymore, as it cleans itself automatically per 4 hours. In areas where wildlife is common, with high dust levels, you can easily install these street lights following the instructions in the manual. No need to hire professionals. The auto clean solar street lights are designed with thick bristles, ideal for cleaning heavy dust particles, oil layers that may accumulate on the solar panels, and waste from birds that may find its way on the solar panels.

When installing this solar street light, ensure there is no shade. It would be best if you installed it in an open area with an unlimited supply of sunlight for maximum efficiency.

Auto clean solar street lights save you time, money and the environment with their self-cleaning feature. The auto cleaning mechanism allows you to use this light without worrying about maintenance. The motion sensor will keep the area lit up when someone moves around at night.

Despite being eco-friendly and energy efficient, these lights are also quite stylish. An elegant design with a modern touch makes these lights look unique and beautiful.

3. Is Self Cleaning Solar Light reliable?

The Auto Clean Solar Street Light works very reliably because it has a daily auto-cleaning feature. It is very efficient and saves you the trouble of manually cleaning your solar lights daily.

The product is designed with an auto-cleaning mechanism that cleans the solar panels daily, so it is always clean and reliable. Here are other reasons why you should consider installing auto clean solar street lights:

Ease of Installation

You can install the Auto Clean Solar Street Light yourself without having to call a professional installer or electrician. The product is packed with an installation guide in the manual. Some adjustments might be needed if you have uneven ground.

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance process for the product is very important because it ensures that the product will be used properly. If you need to trust or understand the auto-cleaning function, you can contact the manufacturer or ask for help from someone who understands. They will let you understand how to use it correctly and they’ll answer any questions you have on it.

Cost efficiency

The cost efficiency of this product is easy to calculate because it costs money to buy, but it saves a lot of time and money. It is an effective and efficient way to save more money on your energy bill in a year by cleaning your solar panel regularly; thus making it more efficient.

After sale services

The manufacturer offers 24/7 online help for any questions about the product. You can send them a message using their online form, or you can call their professional team of service providers. They will be able to help you with any problems regarding the product.

  4.What’s the advantage of LUXMAN Auto-cleaning Solar Street Light?

  • Brush casing is made from an aluminum alloy for longer durability.
  • Adopted 100,000hours life time wide voltage input  brushless
  • The brush will automatically return when encountering large obstacles, and will not be stuck, causing damage to the motor.
  • Car-grade brush which can operate in tough outdoor environment.


The auto clean solar street light is very popular in the market today because of its quality and other features that contribute to its popularity. If you need a reliable and efficient lighting product, you should consider this. It has an elegant, modern design that makes it perfect for your outdoor space. It helps keep the area clean from dust and bird waste, so it saves you time in the long run.

Municipal Solar Street Lights

Municipal Solar Street Lights for Roads

In every city of the world, roads are a major urban development. Lighting is one of municipalities’ and cities’ biggest and most costly developments. This is why cities are using municipal solar street lights for roads. These solar lights provide illumination to the roads without taking up much space. They use clean and affordable solar energy to light up the streets instead of expensive electricity sources used in conventional streetlights.

In this article, we will explore how municipal solar lights for roads can benefit your city’s residents and how you can implement them.

1.What are municipal solar street Lights?

Municipal solar street lights are public street lights that use solar panels to light the streets. They use LED lights that consume less energy and last longer than conventional street lights. These solar panels are installed on top of the poles, thus not requiring space to accommodate them.

solar street light battery

Municipal street lights can also be used in parking lots, walkways, and roundabouts. These lights generate about 60% to 80% of their energy from the sun. Unlike conventional streetlights, municipal solar street lights generate electricity from the sun during daylight, can be turned on from dusk till dawn and are energy efficient. Municipal solar street lights consume less solar energy compared to conventional streetlights and other traditional lighting sources. Municipal solar light also helps reduce carbon emissions by using clean non-fossil fuel-based energy.

Installing municipal solar street lights has many benefits. These include:

– They are environmentally friendly because it is powered by the sun, which use a clean source of energy; therefore, it emits zero emissions.

– They help reduce carbon emissions by using clean non-fossil energy and reducing reliance on conventional energy sources.

– They help to save money because they only consume less energy compared to other traditional sources that are used widely.

– They help reduce the heat island effect by providing illumination before 7 pm instead of after, which causes streetlights to be too bright for people sleeping and working at night.

2. How municipal Solar LED Street Lights Can Save Cities Millions?

Every city is expected to maintain and power its streets, including installing street lights. Taxpayers’ money usually subsidizes these city funds. As a result, these funds are very limited in nature.

As a result, most municipalities only sometimes have enough funds to maintain the energy consumption in such a big city due to high electricity costs. However, there is an alternative to this problem which allows you to save money without spending more on energy consumption than would have otherwise been spent on conventional streetlights. The municipal solar street lights will cut your city’s electricity costs while keeping your streets bright at night.

Here are ways cities can save millions using municipal solar lights.

Affordability: Solar streetlights are energy efficient and require less maintenance than conventional streetlights.

Installation: The solar street lights can be easily installed along roads and roundabouts. The installation of solar street lights does not require any connection to the main grid electrical system of the city. This saves a lot of labor and costs that could be incurred for wiring and tapping into the main electrical grid.

Lighting: The solar street lights provide brighter lighting when paired with LED technology compared to other lighting sources, which reduces the heat island effect by providing illumination before 7 pm instead of after, which causes streetlights to be too bright for people sleeping and working at night.

Sustainability: Solar street lights require minimal maintenance, unlike other lighting sources. They can also be easily installed in parking lots and along walkways.

Safety: The solar street lights provide brighter illumination and can help reduce crime by having more visibility at night.

Durability: Solar street lights are more durable than traditional lighting sources and long-lasting. It can take up to 6 years for the batteries of solar street lights to be replaced.


For a city to use municipal solar street light, the following conditions must be met:

– If a city’s street consumes less energy, it can fit any size of solar light. However, cities with higher electricity costs will require larger lights that consume more energy to provide lighting in the streets.

– The majority of residents within a city must approve this alternative light source before it can be used in their cities.

– A city should have enough funds to fund an annual installation cost of municipal solar-powered street lights within its given budget; otherwise, the implementation may not be possible, and the taxpayers’ money usually covers that cost. – The city’s power companies must be willing to lower the tariff rate for municipal solar lights for it to be implemented.

– Municipalities must have enough funds to replace conventional streetlights with solar-powered ones.

– Weather conditions must allow for a steady energy supply from the sun.

The above requirements are in place because they can help save cities millions and benefit the people in return for the effort made by these cities.

  3. How to use municipal Solar LED Street Lights for Local Governments Project?

outdoor solar lights

There are many ways in which municipal solar lights can be used to help local governments. The following are some of them:

  • The municipal solar LED street lights can be installed in highly populated areas, which are located in urban zones and are prone to high levels of crime, so it will help prevent crimes from happening at night.
  • The municipal solar LED street lights can also be used to provide energy-efficient illumination for highways and public institutions such as hospitals, malls and public parking lots. This improves the security of cities, reducing crime rates.
  • Schools can also use municipal solar LED street lights to aid academic learning and promote safety. The illumination given to this alternative light source will also promote emotional well-being among the students who will benefit from such lighting.
  • It is easy to install municipal solar-powered lights because installation takes less than five minutes. You should consider this alternative light source in high-traffic areas of a city because it will increase safety for the general public.
  • Installing municipal solar street lights can help the government to cut the costs associated with such projects. No wiring is required to install the municipal solar lighting meaning the government will save on labor and installation materials.

There are many other possible benefits of municipal solar LED street lights that can help local governments. There is a wide potential for these streetlights to be used in many different ways by local governments worldwide.


Municipal solar LED street lights can be installed on any city’s street. They can provide their residents’ safety, security and comfort by reducing crime, providing well-lit streets at night, creating a calm environment and saving costs. The municipal solar LED lights are cost-effective because they utilize solar energy instead of fossil fuel or electricity from the grid. There are many ways in which these alternative light sources can be used by local governments worldwide.

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solar street lights

Are solar street lights Bright Enough?


Solar street lights are becoming more popular in residential and commercial areas due to the increasing energy efficiency and eco-friendly technology demand. These provide added security by illuminating dimly lit areas after dark. Street Light Solar also offer cost savings because they reduce the need for electric light poles or cut electricity bills by using sunlight instead of grid power. Most of these solar street lights come fitted with LED lamps designed to illuminate streets and parking lots for better visibility.

In this post, we will explore the Lux standards of street lights and why they are important.

What is Lux and why is it important?

Lux is a measurement of luminous flux that falls on a surface. Lux is an SI unit of photometry, which is a way to measure the brightness of the light. Luminous flux is the amount of light given off by a source. So, Lux is a measure of the brightness of light at a given point in space. Lux is used to specify the brightness of light or illumination. It is a standard light measurement in all types of lighting, such as a home light, office light, car headlight, or street light. On the other hand, Lumen is a unit of measure for light output.

road lighting standard

If you want to buy solar street lights, the first question you should ask yourself is how bright do you want the solar street lights to be? This is important because high-brightness lights may need to be more energy efficient. The brightness of a light is measured in Lux, a unit of measurement used for light intensity. In simple terms, the brightness of any solar street light is determined by its lux output. The lux output varies from model to model, so you must be careful while purchasing solar street lights. If you know the lux output of different solar street lights, it would be easier for you to choose the right brightness.

Why Lux Level Make Sense than Lumen

A lumen is a measure of light output from an individual light source. The lumen measurement is calculated by multiplying the light source’s wattage by the light source’s lumens per watt rating. Lux is the SI unit of illumination. Illumination is the amount of light on a surface. This can be measured in foot candles or the brightness of light after it travels a certain distance. Since the Lumen rating is used to measure the brightness of indoor lights (like bulbs), it is the wrong way to measure the brightness of outdoor lights. The Lux level is the correct way to measure the brightness of solar street lights because the levels are calculated in meters. Now, when you have a solar street light bulb that produces 1000 lumens, it would be a different brightness if it was placed 10 meters away. Therefore, altering the place of the bulb would change the brightness at different Lux levels. Lumen measures how much light a bulb produces; Lux measures how far the light travels.

Different Road lighting Lux Level Standard

Lux standard is calculated by taking account of the width of the road, the height of the light poles and the span or spacing of the poles. Below is a brief overview of the different Lux standards depending on the type of road.

  • Walkways exclusively for pedestrians

For walkways exclusive to pedestrians, the lux standard should be an illuminance of 5 for a luminous intensity of 0.5 per meter and a uniformity of 0.2. This means the solar street light should have a lux measurement of 5 per o.5 feet. This is not too bright as these lights are designed for walkways and pedestrian use.

  • Residential traffic areas for slowly moving vehicles (</ 10 Km/h)

These lights should have a luminous intensity of 10 per 1 foot and a uniformity of 0.2. These lights are designed for use in the home and estate driveways. These are areas where vehicles move at less than 10 kilometers per hour.

  • Regular vehicle traffic (< 40 km/h)

These lights have a luminous intensity of 15-20 per 1.5 to 2 feet. They are lights designed to be installed in intersections or highways with a speed limit of less than 40 km per hour. These lights are brighter than the previous ones, but they are not too bright.

  • Main urban streets

These lights have a luminous intensity of 20 per 2.0 feet. These are lights designed to be used in urban streets like towns and cities. They provide lights for better visibility at night and security.

  • Urban roads

These street lights have a luminous intensity of 2 to 5 per 2 to 0.5 feet depending on the city and the road. These lights are designed for use in highways that pass through major towns and cities. They provide light for truckers and night drivers for better visibility at night.

  • Rural Path and roads

These are street lights meant for use in rural areas without towns or cities. These lights are brighter than other lights because they are the only source of light on the road. They have a luminous intensity of 2 to 5 per 0.2 to 0.5 meters.

  • Pedestrian passages, vehicle turning, loading and unloading points

These are the brightest of all the streets. They have a luminous intensity of 50 per 2 to 5 feet. These lights are used to light pedestrian passages for maximum security and visibility. They are also used for vehicle turning points, loading and unloading points. They offer the biggest amount of light for clear visibility at night.

If Solar Street light can meet the Lux Level Standard

If you want to install solar street lights, you will be required to install a solar luminaire designed to provide a minimum of 5 Lux on the ground surface. On average, a standard solar luminaire can produce around 4-5 Lux. Since solar luminaires are highly dependent on weather conditions, the brightness level may fluctuate slightly. However, you can purchase a street light with an integrated lighting control system (LDC) that detects the amount of light falling on the surface and automatically regulates the brightness level accordingly. So, now you know that the standard brightness is not just measured in Lumen but also in Lux. Therefore, before you purchase a solar street light, you should check the Lux rating of the luminaire to ensure that it is designed to provide sufficient brightness.

The first-generation solar streetlights were built with a Lux rating of 2 Lux. With the advancement of solar street light technology, the manufacturers are now producing lights with a Lux rating of about 5 to 50 Lux. That is enough for roads and streets because the standard street light standards are between 10 and 50 Lux. Modern street lights are designed to meet the Lux standards.


Solar street lights are a great way to add security to the streets, save on electricity bills and be eco-friendly. They are designed to produce a certain amount of light, so make sure you choose one that is powerful enough to light your walkway. To ensure accurate information, it is important to have a clear idea about the basics of solar street lights. It will help you know what to look for in a solar street light and how to decide which one is the best fit for your needs. If you want to add solar street lights to your property, you can use them to illuminate your walkways, gardens, driveways, and more. Solar lights are a great choice for any outdoor space because they are eco-friendly and cost-effective.

solar power plant

Solar Light Qatar Project Case for 2022 World Cup Project

Doha, Qatar   

Completed: 27th June 2022

Product: LUXMAN BK Series 25W Solar Street Light

Quantities: 350units

Solar Light Qatar Project background:

At 5:12 a.m. local time on June 27, 2022, in Qatar, the Qatar 800.15 MW photovoltaic project EPC contracted by PowerChina Guizhou Engineering Co., Ltd.

was successfully connected to the grid for power generation, becoming the first large-scale ground photovoltaic power station connected to the grid in Qatar’s history.

Qatar’s 800 MW photovoltaic project is by far the world’s third-largest single photovoltaic power station and the world’s largest photovoltaic project using tracking systems and double-sided modules.

At the same time, it is also the first nonfossil fuel power station in Qatar. It is part of Qatar’s “2030 national vision”.

It will be fully put into operation before the 2022 World Cup and can meet 10% of Qatar’s peak power demand.

solar power plantQatar 800.15 MW photovoltaic project

After the project is put into operation, it will reduce carbon emissions by 26 million tons, strongly support Qatar’s commitment to host the 2022 Low Carbon World Cup,

and conform to the coordinated development policy of economy and environment in the “Qatar 2030 national vision”.

The solar street lamps provided by LUXMAN provide solar off-grid lighting for the power equipment containers of the 800.15mw photovoltaic project.

Luxman uses BK series 25W integrated solar street lamps. This solar street light qatar can be turned on and off by remote control, and three different lighting modes can be selected.

BK series uses an intelligent controller, which can ensure that the lights are on for 12 hours a day and 365 days.

power plant solar lightsolar light for container

Solar Light Qatar for container Owner’s requirements:

no welding, no damage to the container

adjustable installation angle

2000lm whole lamp lumen

13.6Ah lithium LiFEpo4 battery

All-in-one design(solar and panel built-in luminaire)

The most difficult problem to solve in the above claims is the installation of containers. If the containers are welded, they will be damaged.

Since the installation site belongs to the desert area with high air salt content, corrosion is easy to occur.

So in order to solve this problem, luxman customized and developed an installation accessory, which can be installed by locking the screws.

The 0-72 ° adjustable mounting base developed by luxman allows users to adjust the appropriate mounting angle according to their needs.

The Result

Each cabinet is equipped with 4 lamps. The ground illumination at night is very uniform, and the ground illumination fully meets the needs of the owner.

In addition, the lamps provided by luxman reach 2200lm-2300lm, CCT: 5700k, CRI: RA > 70, solar panel: 18V 30W, battery type: LiFePO4, 12.8v 14.5ah,

which have exceeded the needs of the owner. The owner is very happy to see this kind of lamp with modern green energy technology,

and is also very satisfied with the effect of luxman’s solar street lamp.

Luxman solar lamps do not need to be connected to the power grid, so the owner’s maintenance is also very convenient.
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solar road studs

Application of solar road stud

Application of solar road stud

Solar road study, also known as solar cast aluminum road lamp, reflective mark, LED road spike lamp, etc., uses solar panels to charge, store energy in the battery, and automatically light up when the light is insufficient at night and in rainy and foggy weather, which can well guide the vehicle to the correct direction and effectively ensure traffic safety.

solar traffic light

What we want to talk about is highway spike (the nature of railway spike is completely different from this) which is also called raised road sign. The spike is also divided into many kinds, such as reflective spike, plastic spike, cat’s eye spike, etc., which have different names according to different functional materials.

Solar Road Stud Application:

solar road tuds light

  • The road section with more than four lanes back and forth, but no isolation belt in the middle and insufficient light at night;
  • Intersection / zebra crossing (deceleration prompt);
  • Sharp turning road;
  • Foggy Area (seaside, Airport Road);
  • Expressways and unlit roads;
  • Location of guidelines at elevated and tunnel entrances and exits;
  • Vehicle diversion (around the horizontal line of the triangle);
  • Railway ramp;
  • Toll station lane line;
  • Accident-prone area;
  • Urban sidewalks, park paths, and other sections and roads need to be beautified.


  • Do not immerse in corrosive liquid, which will damage the product.
  • Please do not scratch the surface of the solar panel with sharp objects.
  • Please place the solar panel upward in direct sunlight to ensure the best photoelectric conversion effect.
  • Non-professional personnel shall not open the shell to avoid danger.

Luxman is a group company focusing on new energy. With an experienced technical and production team, we provide complete Solar Street Light OEM and ODM solutions, including design, research, tooling development, production, and sales.

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