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How long do solar powered street light last in 2024?

The life of high-quality solar-powered street lights can exceed 10 years. In the past, the life of street lights was only 3-5 years, because of the use of lead-acid batteries or other short-life batteries. Now solar lamps generally use lithium iron phosphate batteries, which have a life of more than 10 years. The latest CATL era batteries can already have a life of up to 16 years. Its life impact is mainly due to the short life of some components, especially batteries, followed by light source controllers and solar panels. Now let’s analyze these components, which will mainly affect the life of solar street lights.


Lighting source:

Now the solar-powered street light usually uses the LED light source. After years of technological development, the life of the LED light has been stable. The good quality led light can theoretically reach 50,000 hours, 10 hours a day, and can be used for more than 10 years. After years of the practical application of LUXMAN, the outdoor LED light can be achieved more than 10 years of lifetime.


Batteries are more complex. Besides operation temperature and waterproof performance, the types of batteries are also the key factors affecting the life of LED solar street lamps. For example, the cycle times of ordinary lithium-ion batteries are about 500-600 times, while that of lithium iron phosphate batteries(LiFePO4)can be about 3000 times, which will influenceLED solar street lamps lifetime, LUXMAN solar street lamp provides three-year quality assurance because of adopting the LiFePO4 batteries. According to our practical application over the years, it is found that the actual life of the solar street lamp using LiFePO4 batteries can totally reach 10 years lifetime. Especially now, the latest battery life of the Ningde era can be used for 16 years

Solar panels   

After years of development, solar panels have become a very mature technology, with a service life of more than 20 years.

Solar Controller: 

The controller provides controlling, monitoring, protection of the battery, and working status of the load, etc. The controller adopted now is a constant current integrated controller, which integrates drive and control as its name implies, and can be used for 8-10 years.If this is properly maintained and replaced, it can continue to be used.


Through the above mentioned, a solar street light adopted good quality material with good performance, the lifespan can reach 10 years, and the key component affecting the life of solar street lamp is a battery. But now the latest battery life of the CATL can be used for 16 years, and later solar lamps can live longer.

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Single “14500” (AA battery–sized) LFP cells are now used in some solar-powered landscape lighting instead of 1.2 V NiCd/NiMH. 


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