S3 Series street light solar

Selling points:

  • Remote control with smart lighting mode is optional.
  • Class A Lithium (LifePO4) battery, cycle life ≧2500 times.
  • High-efficiency monocrystalline solar panel, lifespan ≧ 25 years.
  • Die casting aluminum alloy light fixture, resistant to extreme weather. Adjustable Angle of mounting base for more efficient energy.

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    The new S3 Series street light solar is LUXMAN ’s 3rd generation ‘All in One’ solar LED lighting system. All aluminum alloy design with sandblasting oxidation treatment adopted. The S3 Series comes with remote control to select among the preset PIR, Timer, or PIR + Timer options.

    The S3 series possess advanced optical design, enhanced solar panel capabilities with improved design to separately access to LED panel, IP66 waterproof battery box, and intelligent controller to make it very effective and quick to implement lighting solutions.

    This robust stand-alone solution is designed for a sustainable future in both urban areas and residential areas.

    High Quality&Durable

    LUXMAN S3 Series street light solar adopted aluminum alloy die-casting construction, long-life lithium battery, and high-efficiency solar panels, Luxman keeps improving our product based on 10 years of production and installation data.

    Lights up 12 hours a night, supports 7 rainy days, 365 days without lights off.

    The intelligent control system scientifically calculates the lighting output according to the weather and battery capacity to ensure the lighting time, which can realize the lighting up throughout the whole year.

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    Real-time working condition monitoring and modular in design.

    Three different indicator lights show the real-time working status of the solar panels, batteries, and light sources, making them easy to maintain.

    Adjustable mounting bracket

    The S3 series is available with sleeve brackets, hoop brackets, and 0-72 ° adjustable brackets for maximum installation flexibility.

    LUXMAN - Adjustable mounting
    LUXMAN - 17 1

    Easy to maintain

    The one-step pull-out battery pack modular design and modular controller design make it easy to maintain and replace after installation.

    Wide Applications

    Highway, roads, industrial area, parking lot, parks, squares,  residential streets, backyards, terraces -Sheds, farms, car dealerships, basketball courts,  sports fields.

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    Turn off during the day to absorb sunlight,and automatically light up at night ,and can be turned off by remote control(zero electricity bills throughout the year)
    -Built -in lithium battery,no pollution,energy saving and long service life, come with remote control.

    LUXMAN - Waterproof 1

    Waterproof,pollution-free,dustproof and durable,high temperature resistant and long service life.
    -2 level time can be set according to your need ,working longer in lower brightness.
    -2 ways to install, it can be mounted on the pole with a diameter of 2 to 4inch or on wall.

    LUXMAN - Package 1

    Package includes

    1 * solar street light 1*
    1 * mounting bracket.1 *
    1 * set of mounting accessories.1 *
    1 * remote control (battery include)1 *

    Comparison Conventional vs. All in One

    PICTURELUXMAN - 20 scaledLUXMAN - 20 scaledLUXMAN - 40 scaledLUXMAN - 40 scaledLUXMAN - 60 scaledLUXMAN - 80 scaled
    Model No.LX-LD20W-S3LX-LD30W-S3LX-LD40W-S3LX-LD50W-S3LX-LD60W-S3LX-LD80W-S3
    System Lumens2400lm3600lm4800lm6000lm7200lm9600lm
     Color  Temperature3000K – 6000K3000K – 6000K3000K – 6000K3000K – 6000K3000K – 6000K3000K – 6000K
    Battery Spec.DC 12.8V 10.5AHDC12.8V 14AHDC12.8V 17.5AHDC12.8V 21AHDC12.8V 24.5AHDC12.8V 28AH
    Solar panel
    18V 35W Polycrystal18V 43W Polycrystal18V 50W Polycrystal18V 60W Polycrystal18V 68W Polycrystal18V 78W Polycrystal
    Operation rainy days
    (After fully charged)
    Support 5-7 raining
    Support 5-7 raining
    Support 5-7 raining
    Support 5-7 raining
    Support 5-7 raining
    Support 5-7 raining
    Install height5-6M6-7M6-8M7-8 M7-9M8-10M

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