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How to Maintain All In One Solar Street Lights

Generally speaking, all in one solar street lights do not need much maintenance after being installed, because all in one solar street lights is a very mature technology. But the operation/working environment has a great impact on outdoor solar lighting, Different installation site needs different maintenance accordingly. For example, in Africa, we should consider not only high temperature but also dust. Then we analyze some common maintenance problems from the following aspects:

  • The influence of dust

The influence of dust is mainly directly can be seen on the solar panels, because the dust will mainly affect the solar panels’ absorption of sunlight radiation, thus affecting the solar panels’ power generation efficiency. Normally, daily regular cleaning is no need because rainwater washes away the dust attached to solar panels on rainy days, but in some particularly arid environments or regions, rainwater is very few. Users can clean the solar panels regularly according to the actual situation, such as once a quarter, or once a year, depending on the rain and dust conditions of the installation site.

self-cleaning solar street light

  • Snow and its shelters

In some countries, winter snowfalls very long and heavy, or some lamps are installed near tall trees. Snow, leaves and bird droppings may be attached to solar panels. When there is a decrease in power generation efficiency, such as a decrease in the number of continuous rainy days or a shorter light-on time, which reminders they need to be cleaned up. Look at these shields.


  • Battery Maintenance

Usually, do not need to do special maintenance or replace batteries during the service life if they use high-quality & reliable batteries. According to our previous experience, LED light source and solar panel generally do not need to be maintained after the service lifetime, but the performance of the battery may decline after five years, so if the service lifetime exceeds, the lamp is still working, but the number of continuous rainy days has decreased significantly, we can consider replacing the battery for adding another life cycle.


  • Salt Corrosion

If the lamp is installed near the seashore or in places of heavy corrosion with high salt fog, the installation bracket should be inspected regularly. We suggest that the installation bracket be inspected once a year, depending on the actual situation of the installation site. Normally, no additional maintenance is required.


Generally speaking, integrated solar street lamps require little maintenance unless they are installed in harsh environments.


all in one solar street light

What Factors Affect All in one solar led street light lifetime

All in one solar led street light has many advantages, so it can be widely installed and used, such as no electricity fees, no wire laying cost, and so on. But because the first purchase cost of all in one solar street light is higher than the ordinary AC LED street lamps in terms of unit price, we need to purchase stable quality. Long-life solar street lights, let our investment get a stable return.

So let’s analyze what factors will affect the life of a solar street lamp. We will analyze them from the following three main aspects.

  • Operation environment conditions

The working environment of lights has a vital impact on lifetime, especially outdoor solar street lights. Some main environmental impact factors are temperature, humidity, dust, and so on. Why does temperature affect the solar street lamps’ lifetime? Because solar street lamp batteries are sensitive to environmental temperatures, such as the ambient temperature of lithium ternary batteries can not exceed – 20 C – 40 C, LUXMAN seldom uses such batteries, but chooses lithium iron phosphate batteries, because their operation ambient temperature can reach – 10 C – 60 C.  due to Solar Street light used for outdoor places, so the water-proof performance of the lamp is very important, otherwise, it will lead to controllers, batteries and other core devices into the water, thus directly extinguishing the lamp.

  •   Material Selection

Solar panels, batteries, and controllers are the three core parts of the solar street lamp, especially the battery part. If we choose some core components which are not of good quality, it will seriously affect the lifespan. We often hear customers’ feedback from us that a large number of solar street lamps purchased from a merchant has failed in 2-To 3 months, usually, this situation is due to the manufacturer’s selection of bad materials.

  •   Operation Time

This will not happen much compared with solar street lamps, because solar street lamps are usually used at night and do not work too long.

So if you want to buy a solar street lamp product with stable quality, please choose a regular manufacturer. In addition, before purchasing the product, tell your supplier what kind of environment the solar street lamp product you purchased will be applied to. Let them consider the environmental impact factors in advance and customize the product for your project.


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