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How Does Solar Street Light with Camera Work?

In the world, there are still a lot of places is beyond the reach of grid electricity, like In Africa or some island in South Asia, The stand-alone solar street light with camera is a perfect wireless security surveillance systems for this kind of remote, hard to reach or electricity off-grid areas.


The solar street light with cctv camear not only can provide 24hours of surveillance and security, but also 12 hours lighting environment. It comes with Remote Control to select among the preset PIR, Timer or PIR+Timer options or a different configuration registered by the user. Users can manage and monitor through mobile APP or PC.

How does Solar Camera light work?


The All In One solar camera light is a new age green solar energy lighting solution which integrates solar panels, camera,  LED lamp, lithium-ion battery & a PIR motion sensor into

one,  solar panel charge batteries during the day and provide power to the camera and LED lamp without connection to the electric grid.


We have TWO ways to access the camera.

  1. Local Area Connection. Operate on mobile / PC with connected to the Camera’s WIFI. The local control will be around 12M in distance.
  2. Remote Area Connection. Operate on mobile phone/IPAD anywhere there is a 4G network or WIFI, or operate on a computer anywhere there is the internet. This remote control is infinite in distance.

Benefits of Solar Powered Security Cameras

Wide applications

The stand-alone design allows the Solar-powered security cameras have a wide application, like in remote areas and electricity can’t reach places.

Real-time 24hours day and night monitoring

The solar-powered cameras come with Solar Street light which will provide necessary lighting for security and night vision of camera.

Easy to install and control

The Solar street light with the camera is available in wall mount and pole mount, you only need to fix it by fixing some screws without electric wiring work, you can monitor it by mobile APP and PC, You also can switch it by the remote.

Portable and take away

The wireless design allows you can take the camera lights to some temporary sites, like camps,  RVs, yachts, boats, etc.


Application of Solar Street Light with CCTV Camera

Solar Camera Light has a wide application, like Schools, Warehouse, Residential areas,

Public & Industrial areas, Coastal Areas & Jetties, Car Parking areas, Security & Entrance areas, Construction Sites, Rural & Remote areas, Natural disaster-prone areas (like earthquake areas), etc.


                               (Power tower application)

 The stand-alone design allows the solar camera light can be used in remote places, for example, Mobile networks in Africa have grown and a significant part of their tower infrastructure in areas without any access to grid electricity infrastructure. The majority of Telecom tower sites in Africa are deployed in either off-grid areas or problematic grid areas with unreliable power supply. The Solar Power system venture into using street lights on site with CCTV’s monitoring the sites to avoid darkness and theft. This is one of a typical application of Solar Camera Light, moreover, the solar camera light can be used for monitoring hydrologic monitoring, such kind of industrial operation sites.

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Solar Street Lights 5 Kinds Applications -LUXMAN LIGHT

As we know Solar Street light has the following benefits:

* Installation anywhere

* Maintenance-free

* No underground or overhead service

* No electricity bill

* Different styles available

* Mobile phone remote control

* Real-time 24 hours of surveillance and security function optional


From the above advantages of solar-powered street lights, it can have a wide application, so in what areas can all in one solar light be applied?


1st– Remote Areas

Such as rural roads, islands, military barracks, farms and so on, because these places are remote or inhabitants do not live centrally, so the laying of electric wiring is very difficult, the cost of laying wiring is not proportional to the utilization rate, so solar pole lights can be used in remote areas.

2nd – Construction Site

Because these are temporary places, so access to power or installation of lighting is inconvenient, LUXMAN once had a customer who bought LUXMAN all in one solar street lights is leased to large local builders.

3rd – Campus, Square

Generally, these places are very empty, have a better sunshine foundation, on the other hand, the flow of people in these areas will be more during 6pm-10pm, and later will be reduced a lot, solar streetlight sensing and timing control functions well meet this demand characteristics.

4th – Road and Street

This application is also the most important application, street light power consumption is usually relatively large, in some countries and regions, electricity is very expensive, if the solar street lamp can be used to replace ordinary street light or LED street light, then a huge cost will be saved.

5th Residential Areas

Solar street lamps have good mobility. Residents can install different places according to their needs, such as swimming pool, Party table, courtyard entrance, Parking lot, etc. In addition, the extension function of solar street lamps can also meet the needs of residents, such as camera monitoring function, USB charging, mobile phone APP operation function and so on, bring users a more convenient user experience.


This article is originally created by LUXMAN LIGHT. Do not reprint it without permission.

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