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Analysis On Street Light Electric Shock Caused By Heavy Rains

Every summer during the rainstorm season, news of casualties caused by street light electric shock accidents occurs. Most of the Electric Shock of Street Light caused by light electric leakage on rainy days. Due to the high temperature and humidity of street light facilities in summer, the cable insulation layer is easy to aging and breakdown, leading to electric leakage. In addition, thunderstorms Street light Leakage Accident occur frequently in summer, it forms water accumulation on roads, which immerses urban lighting facilities (such as cable wells, street light poles, etc.) in water and easily causes electric leakage accidents. The leakage of the street light pole may occur in the following ways.

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  • The poor quality construction causes leakage of lighting facilities.

Failure to comply with the standard construction or installation quality problems, such as screw damage to the insulation layer of street light cables during installation. In rainstorm days, when urban rainwater soaks live equipment, it will cause the connection equipment live. Leakage caused by rainwater immersion.

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  •   The aging and damage of the cable insulation layer in the lamp pole make the lamp pole live.

Some construction simply uses a tape winding method, the tape is easy to aging, it is likely to leak electricity.

  • The poor quality of lighting electrical appliances causes the lamp pole to be electrified.

In the design and construction of urban lighting engineering, strict checks should be made on the selection of lighting appliances, the selection of certified light sources, electrical appliances, lamps, and other products should be a priority.

  • Discharge of wiring terminals.

At present, most of the wiring connection modes are peeling and winding. This mode has high resistance, high current, short heating life of terminals, and will discharge when moisture or water is immersed.

  • The electricity of the lamp pole caused by man-made destruction.

It mainly refers to the cable which was stolen and damaged, cable fracture exposed to the lamp pole, and this easily leads to discharge accidents.

  • The harsh natural environment causes the lamp pole to be charged.

Because of thunderstorms, water overflowed the repair door holes, resulting in street light leakage. Or lightning strike on the lamp pole, because the lamp pole grounding is not good, resulting in burning electrical equipment so that the lamp pole around to be charged.

At present, more and more solar street lights used for roadway lighting, which completely solved the leakage accident. In addition to urban main roads, major facilities, buildings, large squares and other places such as secondary roads, residential roads, parking lots, parks, schools, hospitals, and so on, all of these places can consider the use of solar street lights. In addition, in some natural disaster-prone areas, such as flood areas and earthquake-prone areas, solar street lights are also a good choice because these disasters are easy to cause line damage and leakage.


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