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waterproof ip rating luxman light solar based products

The higher the waterproof rating, the better outdoor solar light is?

Waterproof is the basic requirement for Outdoor Solar Lights products.

Outdoor solar lights are commonly used as outdoor applications. Water is inevitable cannot be avoided in outdoor locations. Therefore, a relatively higher level of waterproofing is required in order to achieve better performance in such environmental conditions. Often, we come across the label of IP65, IP66, and even IP67 in product packing. So, is the higher the waterproof level, the better for the product?

(1) Waterproof is Necessary for Solar Outdoor Products

For the above question, first, we need to understand why waterproofing is needed. During the long-term use of outdoor solar lamps, some liquid usually will condense on the solar-powered products due to the influence of day and night temperature changes. As we know that from middle school, when gas or vapor condenses or is condensed, it changes into a liquid.
In addition, the water of rainfall will splash directly onto the solar light product. If typhoons or hurricanes patronize to an area, then strong storms will bring water to try to destroy products exposed in unsheltered place. Therefore, there must be a sufficiently strong level of waterproof for the outdoor lighting system.

(2) Understand Waterproof Standards to Facilitate Product Selection

In this regard, we need to understand what the standard of waterproofing is. What kind of impact can each level of waterproof protect against for outdoor solar lighting?

For example, there is a product with IP65 label. Let’s see the meaning of IP, 6, 5 respectively.

The IP (INGRESS PROTECTION) protection level system was drafted by the IEC (INTERNATIONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMISSION), which classifies electrical appliances according to their dust and moisture resistance characteristics. The IP protection level mark is composed of two numbers.
The first number indicates the level of the appliance to prevent dust and foreign objects from invading. The foreign objects include tools, fingers of human beings, and other small objects. All these objects can not touch any area that contains electricity insider the electrical appliance, outdoor solar LED lights, to avoid electric shock.
The second number indicates the tightness of the appliance against moisture and water. The higher the number, the higher the protection level.

LUXMAN - waterproof ip rating luxman lightAs an example, IP65 Solar LED Street Lights – IP rated as totally dust particulate protected and against water projected from a spray nozzle.

(3) General Advice When Selecting the Product Waterproof Level

High waterproof rating means a high manufacturing cost naturally. In order to deal with extreme weather that may encounter, expensive outdoor solar lights products with high waterproof rating are the utmost choices.
A) If there is not much storm and rain in an area and it is not a place often by typhoons/hurricanes, you can choose a solar outside lights product with a lower waterproof level of course. In desert zone of North Africa and the Middle East, the waterproof rating can be relatively low. All our products can meet the weather conditions in these places. For example, the S2 series can easily handle the conditions.
B) If it is in the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, or the Pacific Islands, then high grade waterproof products need to be considered.

Waterproofing can reduce the risk of corrosion caused by water infiltration. However, according to our industrial experience, corrosion protection is the biggest issue for products used by the sea. After the metal is corroded, the water resistance is deemed to be poor, Waterproof becomes meaningless, regardless of how high the waterproof level has been made previously.

For this reason, it is critical that we shall choose the proper raw materials of the product and control the following manufacturing process. Efforts to this end, we have also particularly strengthened our investment in materials and processes to ensure that the products can meet the different applications of users. For instance, the battery case is water-resistant with an IP68 rating. Other companies will not put so much effort into adopting high standard process in components that cannot be seen by the naked eye of customers. Our S2 and S3 series solar powered led outdoor lights products are equipped with an IP68 waterproof batteries box as standard.

From this point, waterproof rating is a momentous aspect of product selection. But it is not the only criterion for selection. Comprehensive consideration of all aspects of the product is always the safe way. As for how to better choose the suitable solar led lights product, we are happy to provide our expertized solution in this regard.



LUXMAN - solar street lamp

How to choose batteries for your solar street lamp project?

Outdoor Solar street lamp battery equipment has a built-in type, Pole mount type, and buried type.

solar street light battery

                             Built-in type                            Buried type                           Pole mount type

Built-in is the lithium battery pack integrated together into the lamp body; If an external pole mount type is selected, it is better to install the equipment on the solar street lamp with a height of 6 meters, and there should be no climbing objects beside the solar-powered streetlamp, also pay attention to anti-theft. If to choose the buried type, it is best to pay attention to anti-theft, waterproof, pouring cement ground to density, and replaceability.

The battery is a very key component of the solar-powered street lights system, and also a major component of the solar-powered street lights system cost. At present, solar street lamps mainly use Gel batteries and lithium batteries.

First, explain the concept of both:

Gel batteries belong to a development classification of lead-acid batteries. The method is to add a gelling agent in sulfuric acid to make the electro liquid of sulfuric acid become colloidal. Electrohydraulic colloidal batteries are commonly referred to as colloidal batteries.


The lithium battery is a kind of lithium metal or lithium alloy as a negative material, using a non-aqueous electrolyte solution, compared to a commonly used colloidal battery, the lithium battery is more environmentally friendly, lightweight and longer life, of course, the price of lithium battery will be slightly higher

solar street light battery in china

The lithium battery is a kind of lithium metal or lithium alloy as a negative material, using a non-aqueous electrolyte solution, compared to a commonly used colloidal battery, the lithium battery is more environmentally friendly, lightweight and longer life, of course, the price of lithium battery will be slightly higher.


Lithium battery

Gel battery, lithium battery have their own characteristics, but in recent years lithium battery solar street lamp systems develop much better, what are their advantages? Let’s briefly compare the differences between the two:


  1. Solar-powered street lights  power supply method:

Lithium battery 12V 120AH storage power, higher than the colloidal battery 12V 120AH storage power, lithium battery can be full of release, lithium battery cycle high life is 3~5 times than the colloidal battery.


  1. The maintenance cost of solar-powered street lights

Gel battery service life in 2-3 years, lithium battery service life in 5~8 years, to ensure almost no maintenance costs.


  1. Are solar-powered street lights environmentally friendly?

Gel battery production pollution is serious, can not be recycled and used, heavy metal pollution is serious, non-environmentally friendly batteries;

The lithium battery is an environmentally friendly battery, lithium belongs to the light element, is harmless to the human body, iron in the soil is ubiquitous.


  1. The material cost of solar led street lights:

Gel battery production technology is difficult, high cost; Lithium-ion batteries are environmentally friendly and cost slightly more than colloidal batteries. But overall accounting down, the lithium battery solar street lamp cost is more cost-effective.

  1. The installation cost of solar led street lights:

Gel battery is relatively bulky, generally need to be buried, must do waterproof anti-theft work, installation labor cost is high, late maintenance cost is also very high; Lithium battery is lightweight, high energy density, generally integrated in the inside of the lamp body or under the solar panel, the battery installation does not need labor costs, the maintenance is simple and convenient.

solar street light design

By comparison, we can see why more and more solar street lamps look less bulky than before, due to the use of lithium batteries. The lithium battery is used in solar street lamp systems, and has the advantages that ordinary Gel solar street lamp battery does not have:

I. The charging and discharging system of lithium batteries generally adopts the integrated structure of lithium battery and controller, which is an energy storage battery system with no pollution.

II. According to the user’s demand, the remaining capacity, operation days and nights, weather conditions, and other factors can be intelligently optimized and calculated, and the power level can be reasonably distributed. The functions of light control, time control, and memory storage, to ensure the intelligent setting of the solar street lamp system.

III,  Lithium battery due to dry battery nature, more stable than Gel battery, safer.

IV,  Lithium battery weight is light, the same capacity specification weight is about 1/6-1/5 of the lead-acid Gel battery;

V,  The environmental adaptability of lithium battery is stronger, the use of a wide temperature range can be used in the -20℃- 60℃ environment, after technical treatment, even can be used in the -45℃ environment, which also provides conditions for the promotion of solar street lamps in cold areas.


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