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How to Maintain All In One Solar Street Lights

Generally speaking, all in one solar street lights do not need much maintenance after being installed, because all in one solar street lights is a very mature technology. But the operation/working environment has a great impact on outdoor solar lighting, Different installation site needs different maintenance accordingly. For example, in Africa, we should consider not only high temperature but also dust. Then we analyze some common maintenance problems from the following aspects:

  • The influence of dust

The influence of dust is mainly directly can be seen on the solar panels, because the dust will mainly affect the solar panels’ absorption of sunlight radiation, thus affecting the solar panels’ power generation efficiency. Normally, daily regular cleaning is no need because rainwater washes away the dust attached to solar panels on rainy days, but in some particularly arid environments or regions, rainwater is very few. Users can clean the solar panels regularly according to the actual situation, such as once a quarter, or once a year, depending on the rain and dust conditions of the installation site.

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  • Snow and its shelters

In some countries, winter snowfalls very long and heavy, or some lamps are installed near tall trees. Snow, leaves and bird droppings may be attached to solar panels. When there is a decrease in power generation efficiency, such as a decrease in the number of continuous rainy days or a shorter light-on time, which reminders they need to be cleaned up. Look at these shields.


  • Battery Maintenance

Usually, do not need to do special maintenance or replace batteries during the service life if they use high-quality & reliable batteries. According to our previous experience, LED light source and solar panel generally do not need to be maintained after the service lifetime, but the performance of the battery may decline after five years, so if the service lifetime exceeds, the lamp is still working, but the number of continuous rainy days has decreased significantly, we can consider replacing the battery for adding another life cycle.


  • Salt Corrosion

If the lamp is installed near the seashore or in places of heavy corrosion with high salt fog, the installation bracket should be inspected regularly. We suggest that the installation bracket be inspected once a year, depending on the actual situation of the installation site. Normally, no additional maintenance is required.


Generally speaking, integrated solar street lamps require little maintenance unless they are installed in harsh environments.


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Which is the best Solar Street Light Manufacturer In China?

With the rising consumer’s inclination, towards eco-friendly, renewable, and energy-saving lighting products, more and more solar street light manufacturers in China are crowding into the solar street lighting industry now.

According to the solar street light market report, the global solar street lighting market was valued at approximately USD 4.25 billion in 2017 and is expected to generate revenue of around USD 18.31 billion by the end of 2024. The Solar Lighting Market is prompting demand growth both in the consumer and manufacturer.


So how to be the best solar street light factory in China?

First,own Years of Production and Manufacturing Experience

It is very important to have a stable supply chain system for the production of solar street lamps, because some key components of solar street lamps, such as batteries, solar cells, solar controllers, and so on, are decisive factors for product performance and lifetime. If the supply chain system is unstable, it will directly affect product quality & lifetime.

In addition, the solar street lamp is a small solar power generation system, which seems to be a simple product, but in fact, the assembly of a system product is not as simple as the assembly of product parts. In addition to good product components, a good solar power generation system should also pay attention to its system operation status, such as controller, the precision of procedure, battery protection function, a setting of light mode, and so on.

The control of processing technology is also very important. If you have many years of production and manufacturing experience, you will have a good running-in both from the product supply chain and product performance, and you can OEM and ODEM solar street light, which is based on years of production and manufacturing experience, and practical application and installation experience and data in the past few years, so as to produce more stable and more consistent products as market demand.

Second, good quality control ability

Any good products can not be separated from strict quality control; otherwise, the products manufactured will not be able to ensure that it is a qualified product. As a good all-in-one solar street light manufacturer, series of quality control should be carried out from the quality of incoming materials, the quality in the process of production and processing, and the quality of the shipment to ensure that each product is qualified from raw material to the customer. Hence, a top solar street light manufacturer must have a strict quality control system.

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Third, responsible after-sales service

In LUXMAN, the sale of a product is only the beginning of sales. We will track the products sold from logistics to installation and during use. We have an ID bar code tracking system for all the products delivered. If there is a problem, we can trace the source material to installation quickly. We pay great attention to the customer’s experience about the use of our products, regularly understand customer feedback and final consumer feedback on the use of our products, and minimize customer investment in after-sales. Customers in the purchase of our products, without worries, are our goal and direction of efforts.

Fourth, leading technology

Now the solar street lamp products have developed, from the first generation split type and the second generation half-split type to the third generation one-in-one type.

The third-generation product of integrated solar street lamp, whether from product design, performance, product quality, product cost-effectiveness, has made a leap forward. At present, the third generation of integrated solar street lamp is much more intelligent. It can adjust and programmed the light mode, brightness, and so on through a remote control switch. Some intelligent products can be connected with APP, monitor the working parts of the product in real-time on the mobile phone, and know the working status of the product in time. What’s more, with proven technology, the CCTV camera is connected with the solar street light providing surveillance for 7*24hours.

A best solar street light manufacturer invests more in R&D because if he has good product technology, he will have a more competitive advantage in the market.

The above aspects are about what kind of manufacturer is good solar-led street light manufacturers, and one of them is that a good all-in-one solar street light manufacturer is very concerned about the user experience.

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