Choosing the Right Color Temperature for Your Solar Street Light Project(3)

Sresky SSL-912 and SSL-910 solar street lights advantages and disadvantages

The Sresky Basalt series: SSL-92, SSL-96, SSL-98, SSL-910, SSL-912

Product Information

Among them, SSL-910 and SSL-912 are the most popular for solar street light bidding projects.


  1. Hybrid control: When the battery capacity is lower than 30% during the day, the hybrid module turns on the adapter charging circuit.
  2. Remote control: Long-distance control through a gateway
  3. PIR function: PIR sensing function can automatically reduce brightness when no one is present, achieving energy-saving function;
  4. IP65 waterproof: Good waterproof performance;
  5. High temperature resistance and low temperature resistance: Can adapt to temperatures of -20 ~ +60℃;
    Novel appearance;


  1. Low lumen value: The brightness parameter of the street light is 2000~10000 lumens, which is low in brightness;
  2. Low color temperature: A color temperature of 4000K may not be as effective as 6000K high color temperature for roads that require high visibility, such as highways and city main roads.
  3. Installation height limitation: Due to its low lumen value and color temperature, the recommended installation height for the SSL-912 is 12m, which greatly compromises the lighting effect for projects requiring an installation height greater than 12m.

Summary: For engineering projects, the Sresky Basalt series solar street lights as a new product undoubtedly have their unique design, but their use is limited.

HS series solar street light


This street light has a brightness of 15000~20000 lumens, a color temperature of 6000K-7000K, which can effectively compensate for the insufficient brightness and unclear illumination of the Basalt series, specifically designed for solar engineering projects such as highways, ports, and construction sites.

HS series solar street light

IP66 waterproof, superior to IP65 waterproof;
Equipped with advanced dual-sided high-efficiency solar panels, ensuring maximum energy absorption and utilization;

MP Series All in one solar street light


This street light has a brightness of 4000lm~15000lm, a color temperature of 6000K-7000K, with better illumination brightness and visibility than the Basalt series.

It has the same waterproof, PIR, high and low temperature resistance functions as the Basalt series, and can be used as a replacement product;

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