Solar street light government project Guide

The government chooses solar street lights to achieve various benefits such as environmental protection, economic development, social impact, and energy security.

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Why must we use solar street lights?

  • Environmental and sustainable development, promoting cities towards sustainable development.
  • Energy security and stability: reducing reliance on traditional energy sources, especially in areas with limited resources or unstable energy supply. Independent energy systems can better cope with natural disasters, enhance urban energy security, and reduce energy supply risks.
  • Economic benefits: low installation and maintenance costs, overall saving of funds, and shortened construction periods. For developing countries and remote areas with underdeveloped electricity grids, installing solar street lights is the best choice.
  • Social benefits: enhancing nighttime safety in cities, reducing crime rates, enhancing people’s sense of security and quality of life, and positively impacting social environments.

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What are the main solar street light government projects?

Port Solar Lighting: Recommended solar LED street lights with high corrosion and waterproof performance + solar camera street lights.

Airport Solar Lighting: Recommended solar LED street lights + solar powered security camera. Note that led light color temperature should not exceed 4000K in civilian airport flight areas.

Road Lighting: Recommended solar LED street lights, with most countries choosing high-brightness lights with a color temperature above 5700k to improve visibility and reduce accidents.

Urban Square Solar Lighting: Recommended solar LED street lights + solar camera street lights. Commercial districts, historical and cultural districts, tourist spots, and other places with high vehicle color recognition requirements should use high CRI, low to moderate color temperature light sources. Parking lots should choose high color temperature light sources.

Public Facility Emergency Solar Lighting: Choose high-color temperature light sources for increased alertness.

Stadiums, campuses, construction sites, and other places lighting: Main lighting recommends using high-color temperature and high-brightness fixtures. For gardens, road decorations, and outdoor recreational areas, warm light with 2700K or 3000K is suitable for a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

Government Project Process Services

The general process for government solar street light projects is as follows:

  1. Needs assessment and planning
  2. Project initiation and budget allocation
  3. Tendering and contractor selection
  4. Design and engineering preparation
  5. Installation and commissioning
  6. Acceptance and handover
  7. Monitoring and maintenance
  8. Evaluation and feedback

In addition to project initiation and budget allocation and contractor selection, we provide a complete set of services for government projects, including determining the installation locations and quantities of solar street lights, program design, effect simulation, installation and commissioning, acceptance and handover, etc.

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