The mobile solar light tower is a portable lighting system integrating solar panels, LED lighting, intelligent control, 4G monitoring system, communication base station, and a hybrid battery storage of solar and grid electricity, suitable for various temporary or long-term lighting needs. Its portability and environmental friendliness make it widely used in multiple fields.

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Features of the Solar light tower:

Portable Mobile Solar Light Tower

Solar Power System: Generates electricity through efficient solar panels with zero pollution and emissions. It has a folding function to save space.

Battery Storage and Endurance:Uses durable and efficient batteries, fully charged in 8 hours and can work continuously for 21-28 hours. It has both solar and grid electricity charging functions for dual assurance.

LED Lighting Technology:High-performance LED fixtures with a light efficiency of up to 165 lm/W, providing wide lighting coverage. The lighting equipment can rotate 360° horizontally and tilt 90° to accommodate various lighting angles.

Intelligent Control and Monitoring:Equipped with a 4G intelligent monitoring camera for 24-hour real-time monitoring, anti-theft, detection, and intercom. The control panel integrates switches, LCD, and keys for simple and convenient operation. It has remote control capability through an LCD display, remote control, or PC.

Adjustability:Electrically adjustable telescopic mast height ranging from 3 to 12 meters with infrared automatic positioning. Equipped with a 5G base station to enhance communication signal and environmental monitoring capabilities. Air quality detection is optional.

Safety and Protection:Equipped with wind speed detection and typhoon alarm functions to withstand up to level 8 typhoons, reducing the impact of extreme weather on the equipment. Sturdy structural design enhances durability and reliability of the equipment.

Silent operation: Can be used in residential areas or densely populated places. More cost-effective and environmentally friendly compared to diesel lighting towers.

Portable Mobile Solar Light Tower

Solar light tower Main Applications

Night lighting for construction sites: Site solar light towers

Provides nighttime lighting for construction areas to ensure the safety of workers and improve work efficiency.

construction sites Portable Mobile Solar Light Tower

site solar light towers

Temporary lighting for events and festivals

Quick setup suitable for various outdoor activities, music festivals, celebratory events, etc.

events and festivals Portable Mobile Solar Light Tower

Emergency and disaster rescue scenarios

Convenient mobility and rapid deployment capability provide reliable lighting for post-disaster relief and emergency accident response.

Mining areas

Provides stable lighting for mines and peripheral mining areas to enhance safety and work efficiency.

Wilderness construction: Provides efficient and reliable lighting support in off-grid construction areas.


Provides continuous lighting for temporary campsites and long-term outdoor activities to ensure personnel safety.

Military bases

Provides reliable lighting in military bases or training scenarios to support nighttime military operations and security patrols.

Other applications

Road maintenance, security checkpoints, gate entrances, signal stations, and individual work areas, etc.

Solar light tower Technical Specifications

Control Manual / Remote Control / PC
IP Rating IP65
Solar Panel Type Monocrystalline Silicon,21.4% efficiency
PV Controller MPPT 40A,95% efficiency
Battery Type Lead-acid
Surveillance 4G security camera
Lifting System Manual / Electric
Wind Resistance Rating Level 8, 117 KM/H
Axle Single
Stabilizer 4 support legs, wind-down
Trailer Coupler Suitable for o50mm trailer ball
Working Temperature -35℃-60℃
Charging Time 8 hours
Battery Charging Solar/ Mains

Portable Mobile Solar Light Tower

Small Model LX600-09-6M

Lighting System 4*50W LED Floodlights
Light Output 33000lm
Solar Panel Wattage 2*460W
Battery Pack 4*200AH DC 12V
Battery Capacity 9.6 kW·h
System Voltage DC 24V
Lifting System 2.5-6 Meters
Running Time 28.8 hours
Tire and Rim 2*14-inch pneumatic tires
Transport Dimensions 1500*1650*2500 mm
Deployed Dimensions 2850*2200*6000 mm
Gross Weight 1200 KG
Container Loading 20 GP: 8 pcs, 40 GP: 16 pcs

Medium Model LX600-09-9M

Lighting System 4*100W LED Floodlights
Light Output 66000lm
Solar Panel Wattage 3*550W
Battery Pack 6*200AH DC12V
Battery Capacity 14.4 kW·h
System Voltage DC 48V
Lifting System 2.5-9 Meters
Running Time 20 hours
Tire and Rim 2*15-inch pneumatic tires
Transport Dimensions 3300*1650*2500 mm
Deployed Dimensions 3300*3300*9000 mm
Gross Weight 1500 KG
Container Loading 20 GP: 2pCS, 40 GP: 5pCS
Portable Mobile Solar Light Tower

Large Model LX600-09-12M

Lighting System 6*200W LED Floodlights
Light Output 198000 lm
Solar Panel Wattage 6*460W
Battery Pack 12*200AH DC12V
Battery Capacity 28.8 kw·h
System Voltage DC 48V
Lifting System 3-12 Meters
Running Time 21 hours
Tire and Rim 4*15-inch pneumatic tires
Transport Dimensions 3700*2300*2500 mm
Deployed Dimensions 4700*6500*12000 mm
Gross Weight 2800 KG
Container Loading 20GP: 2 pcs, 40 GP: 4 pcs

Procurement Guide: How to Choose the Right Mobile Solar Light Tower

Select the appropriate model and configuration based on specific application needs, considering factors like brightness, lighting range, functions, endurance, and the uniqueness of the application scenarios.

Based on the Lighting Range

Small Model LX600-09-6M, height 6 meters (19 feet), can illuminate 750 square meters, equivalent to lighting up 1.5 standard basketball courts. This smaller model is commonly sold by most manufacturers and dealers and is often used for small campsites, road maintenance, security checkpoints, gate entrances, signal stations, and individual work areas. For broader lighting coverage or higher heights, the larger models below can be chosen.

Medium Model LX600-09-9M, height 9 meters (29 feet), can illuminate 1500 square meters, equivalent to lighting up 3 standard basketball courts; suitable for construction sites, disaster relief, mining areas, etc.

Large Model LX600-09-12M, height 12 meters (39 feet), can illuminate 2200 square meters, equivalent to lighting up 4 standard basketball courts; the preferred choice for large events and festivals, suitable for construction sites, disaster relief, mining areas, military bases, etc.

Selection Based on Function

The 4G monitoring function is essential for densely populated areas and construction sites, providing 24-hour real-time monitoring to effectively ensure safety and prevent theft.

For emergency rescue applications, choose a model with hybrid charging capability and prioritize the largest model to ensure endurance and maximum brightness for effective disaster response.

Why Choose Lead-acid Batteries? Mainly for safety reasons; outdoor construction sites have many unstable factors, and using lithium batteries poses a risk of fire.

The 5G base station function is suitable for remote areas or areas with weak signals.

Portable Mobile Solar Light Tower

Selection Based on Brightness

We offer three brightness levels: 33,000lm, 66,000lm, and 198,000 lm. Most models on the market have 33,000lm, which is sufficient for common environments like small campsites, road maintenance, security checkpoints, gate entrances, signal stations, and individual work areas.

However, for military bases, construction sites, large emergency scenarios, higher brightness levels are needed to ensure safety. Therefore, 66,000lm and 198,000 lm brightness outputs are the more ideal choices.

Specification Sheet Download: Download The Specification File