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How Does Waterproof Outdoor Landscape Solar Spotlight Work

Solar spotlight is fixtures that use the energy from the sun to illuminate the area in your gardens, yards, pathways, etc. These spotlights are inexpensive and environmentally friendly and can be used to improve aesthetics or to improve safety and security. These lights can be dropped into almost any sunny garden spot without worrying about the wiring or the quest of finding the nearest plug. These are ideal for path and accent lighting.

solar spotlight

The working principle of this solar spotlight is the same as regular solar street lights which have solar panels installed to convert the energy from sunlight into electric power. This energy is then used to store and charge batteries to power the lights. LEDs are typically used in the solar landscape lights as the light source this is because LEDs are energy efficient and can last longer than regular bulbs.

Spotlights are best to use if the purpose is to point out a specific object. Spotlights create a narrow beam of light that usually does not exceed 45 degrees and is focused on a single object rather than a wider area.

These solar spotlights are quickly becoming the popular choice of people as more and more house owners seek a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to light up their outside areas such as gardens, yards, etc. These spotlights are affordable and easy to install. Like the regular solar lights, spotlights also require no need of wiring and are the best choice for gardens, lawns, and pathways which are at some distance from the electric source.

Using solar spotlights is just as a sample as mounting the lights to the wall, fence, post, or other existing garden structure.

led solar spotlight

Some variants of solar spotlights have a solar panel separately installed over the top of the light pole and some have a small panel installed just over the surface of the light. It depends on the amount of light needed. These solar-powered lights usually emit a soft white light, though colored lights can also be produced. Amber-colored light tends to use less energy and lasts longer than white light.

Most landscape solar spotlight variants come equipped with a sensor that removes the need to switch it On/Off manually. The sensor can automatically do this depending on the lighting available outside. Moreover, motion sensors are also embedded in some types of solar landscape lights that turn the light on with movement detection.

The foremost concern with installing solar landscape lights is to ensure that enough sunlight reaches the solar panel. For high-powered solar spotlights, the solar panel is usually separated from the light fixture and there is a provision of installing the panel at someplace where lighting is available for at least 8 hours a day.

For ground-level lighting, fix the fixture in the ground in a way that the solar panel over the fixture is able to face the brightest sun.

Solar landscape lights are mostly waterproof and can withstand extreme weather conditions. This landscape lighting also needs little maintenance. They need only a quick wipe periodically to clean away the dirt and debris accumulated over the surface of solar panels. A visual inspection is required every so often to make sure the solar panel is not covered by the leaves, dirt, or bird droppings.

This solar spotlight is safe to be used on the ground since they mostly require 12 volts to function and this is a safe voltage. 12 volts can generally be seen in electric toys and household batteries. So, it is a safe light to be used in case if anyone has children in the house who play in the garden.

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solar led stake light

How Many Sort of Led Solar Lights Do You Know?

With people’s attention to green energy, LED solar lights have been paid more and more attention. Even during the epidemic period, the sales of many products were impacted by the market, while the sales of some solar lamps increased sharply. Solar light is a big family. Next, we will talk about the main types of solar lamps.


  1. Solar street lamp

The difference between a solar street lamp and an ordinary grid led street light is that it is the photoelectric conversion through solar energy, and can work independently without access to the power grid. The solar street lamp can be divided into solar all in one street light and split type solar street light according to different product forms. The main accessories of the solar lamp are lithium battery, solar panel, solar controller, solar street lamp source, lamp housing, etc.

100w solar street light

  1. Solar floodlight

Floodlights are generally used in outdoor construction sites or buildings, etc., usually, solar floodlights are split structures, mainly considering the complexity of floodlights installation sites. Solar floodlights can be widely used, compared with grid led floodlights, solar flood lights have more flexible installation convenience.

solar flood light project


  1. Solar traffic lights

Solar traffic lights are powered by solar panels, which are easy to install and move. It is suitable for newly built intersections with large traffic flow and the urgent need for new traffic signal command. It also can meet the needs of an emergency power cut, power restriction, and other emergencies.


solar stud

  1. Solar Stake light

Solar Stake lamp is an independent power generation system. It can independently complete the conversion of solar energy into electric energy and can convert electric energy into energy for lighting and decoration, without the need for wire transmission. Because of its convenient, economic and safe characteristics, it has gradually replaced the traditional stake lamps and has become the first choice of home courtyard decoration lighting.

solar stake light


  1. Solar wall lamp

The outstanding advantage of solar wall lamp is that under the sunlight in the daytime, solar wall lamp can use their own conditions to convert solar energy into electric energy, so as to achieve automatic charging. Because the solar wall lamp is driven by light energy, it does not need to connect to any other power supply, so it does not need to carry out complicated wiring. Secondly, the solar wall lamp is very stable and reliable.

  1. Solar work light

Solar work lamp is driven by solar energy, it does not need to connect to any other power supply, has better portability, it can complete charging at any place with sunshine, especially suitable for some fieldwork applications.

solar work light


  1. Solar Mosquito Lamp

The Solar Mosquito Lamp converts the solar energy into electric energy for storage and utilization. Solar energy is used to supply power to the mosquito-killing lamp tube to induce mosquitoes and kill them by electric shock.


  1. Solar Marine light


The solar Marine light has the advantages of simple structure, convenient movement, and easy placement. Solar ship lights are divided into solar signal lights, solar warning lights, etc.

marine light

  1. Solar Weather Proof Light

Solar weatherproof lamps are mainly used in canopy roofs or the bus stops shelves, etc., which are cheap to install and easy to maintain.

solar weather proof light


  1. SolarBillboard Light

Solar Billboard Lights are generally used for outdoor billboard lighting. Compared with traditional billboard lights, solar advertising lights are installed and maintained later. However, it should be noted that solar advertising lights are only suitable for top-down installation.

solar bill board light

For more solar lights, you can contact LUXMAN LIGHTING: [email protected]


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solar street light factory

Will U.S Solar Street Lighting Market to Boom in Biden Era?

The all in one solar street lighting system powered by the sun, and with a stand-alone design, compared to conventional LED lighting products, the solar street light no power bill and no investment in electricity wires, electric equipment, and much less installation cost because of the all-in-one design.

Rapid rise in the solar new capacity electric generation market share out of total electrical generation in the U.S.A, which grew from around 0.1% in 2010 to more than 2% in 2019, according to the report by SEIA, is also expected to contribute significantly towards driving the growth of the U.S. An outdoor solar street light market in the forthcoming years. Further, the U.S. outdoor solar LED light market is estimated to be around USD 781.1 Million in the year 2018 and is further forecast to reach USD 2263.10 Million in the year 2027.

solar street light market

Biden government and associations are taking initiative to adopt sustainable energy sources to provide eco-friendly and energy-saving solutions. because of its cost-efficient and eco-friendly nature. Growing infrastructural projects leads to the rising demand for solar street lights which can be used in parking lots, pathways, villages, etc.

The rising demand for eco-friendly sustainable energy applications drives the growth of the solar street lighting market in the U.S.

The mainstream Solar Street Lighting Market in the U.S. you can pay attention to,

Car parking lot

all in one street light project

THERE are said to be at least 105 million and maybe as many as 2 billion parking spaces in the U.S.

In some cities, car parking lots cover more than a third of the land area. Now, most car parking lots are using conventional shoebox light or LED shoebox light,

Lighting in parking lots can be expensive. Energy saving in exterior car park lighting is getting increasingly

Solar parking lot lights is come up with a standalone design that is 100% powered by the sun. There is no need to connect the power grid, which allows the solar car parking light can be installed at remote places. That is to say, more flexible installation and less investment.

Private housing community

solar flood light project

The statics shows the total number of housing units in the United States from 1975 to 2019. In 2019, there were approximately 139.64 million housing units in the United States.

Outdoor Solar Lights can be used for street, pathway, yard, driveway, walkway, in residential areas. The outdoor solar 12V lights are high safety, which can work without connecting to the power grid.



walk way solar light

As of 2018, there are 19,495 incorporated cities, towns, and villages in the United States. The solar street light powered by the sun and no need to connect power grid which can save a lot of costs for electricity cables, and it’s easy to install for some rural villages.

more and more remote mountain villages are equipped with solar street lamps, which makes the local villagers’ nightlife more convenient and safe.

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wind solar hybrid street light

What is the Wind Solar Hybrid Street Light?

Wind solar hybrid street light refers to the system that wind turbine and solar panels are combined as power generation components to jointly charge the energy storage battery and realize the corresponding LED street lamp power supply at night, referred to as “wind-solar hybrid street light”.

Wind solar hybrid street lights can make full use of solar energy to irradiate solar panels on sunny days and wind energy on rainy days and at night. The two functions complement each other to generate a large amount of electric energy, which is stored by solar cells to meet the lighting needs at night. The controller maintains the overcharge and over-discharge of the battery and manages the light source on and on time.

The structure of wind solar hybrid  street lights complementary street lamp is composed of wind turbine, integrated solar street lamp, fan control system, lamp pole, and embedded parts.

Wind turbine1PCSLow wind speed wind turbine
All in one Solar Street Light1PCSSolar panel, controller, LED lamp all in one design
Solar street light pole1PCSInclude foot cage, wind turbine bracket


1.Wind turbine

The wind turbine is a facility that converts the natural wind into electric energy and sends the electric energy to the solar street light battery for storage. It cooperates with the solar panel to provide energy for the street lamp. According to the power of the light source, the power of the wind turbine is different, generally 200W, 300W, 400W, 600W, and so on. The output voltage also has 12V, 24V, 36V, and so on.

According to the different climate and natural environment, the solar wind hybrid street lamp can be equipped with different models and specifications of wind power generators, which can achieve the maximum effect in relatively limited conditions.

2. Solar panels:

The solar panel is the core part of the wind-solar hybrid street lights, and it is also the most valuable part of a solar street lamp. Its function is to convert the radiation ability of the sun into electric energy or send it to the storage battery for storage. Among many solar cells, monocrystalline silicon solar cells, polycrystalline silicon solar cells, and amorphous silicon solar cells are more common and practical. In areas with sufficient sunlight and good sunshine, it is better to use polysilicon solar cells, because the production process of polysilicon solar cells is relatively simple and the price is lower than that of single-crystal solar cells. It is better to use monocrystalline silicon solar cells in areas with more rainy days and less sunshine because the performance parameters of monocrystalline silicon solar cells are relatively stable. Amorphous silicon solar cells are better in the case of insufficient outdoor sunlight because the requirements of the hybrid street light conditions are relatively low.

3. Solar controller

No matter the size of the hybrid street light, a good charge and discharge controller is essential. In order to prolong the service life of the battery, its charging and discharging conditions must be limited to prevent overcharge and deep charging. In a place with a large temperature difference, the qualified controller should also have a temperature compensation function. At the same time, the solar controller should have a street lamp control function, light control, time control function, and automatic load switching function at night, so as to extend the working time of the street lamps on rainy days.

3. Battery

As the input energy of the solar photovoltaic power generation system is extremely unstable, it is generally necessary to configure the battery system to work. Generally, there are lead-acid batteries, Ni-Cd batteries, Ni-H batteries, and colloidal batteries. However, the current market choice of lithium has become the mainstream, mainly because of its high efficiency, small size, and longer service life. The selection of battery capacity generally follows the following principles: first, on the premise of meeting the lighting at night, the energy of solar cell modules in the daytime should be stored as much as possible, and at the same time, the electric energy needed for lighting at night in continuous rainy days should be stored. Battery capacity is too small to meet the needs of night lighting, the battery is too large, on the one hand, the battery is always in a state of power loss, which affects the battery life and causes waste. The battery shall match with a solar cell and electric load (street lamp).

4. Light source

What kind of light source is used for Solar and wind-powered street light is an important indicator of whether solar lamps can be used normally. Generally, an LED light source is mainly used for solar lamps.

Led: LED light source, longer life, low working voltage, 180-220lm / W high luminous efficiency,  with the progress of technology, the performance of LED will be further improved

5. Lamp pole

The height of the lamp-post shall be determined according to the width of the road, the spacing of lamps, and the illumination standard of the road.


Problems to be paid attention to in selecting Wind Solar Hybrid Street Light

wind solar powered street light

  1. Selection of wind turbine

A solar street light wind turbine is the landmark product of wind-solar complementary street lamps, the key of fan selection is to make the fan run smoothly. The lamppost is a cable tower without a position. It is most careful that the fixing parts of the lampshade and solar support are loose due to the vibration of the fan during operation. Another main factor of fan selection is its beautiful appearance, lightweight and reducing tower load.


  1. Design of optimal configuration of the power supply system

To ensure the lighting time of Solar and wind-powered street lights is an important index of a street lamp. As an independent power supply system, the wind turbine powered street lights can be used from the selection of street lamp to wind turbine.

There is a problem of optimal configuration design for the capacity allocation of solar cells and energy storage systems, which needs to be combined with the natural resources of the place where the street lamp is installed.


  1. Strength design of lamp pole

The quality of Solar and the wind-powered street light pole is the same as the flange length, width, and height, whether the welding is single-side welding or double side welding, and the diameter is large

light pole, wall thickness, surface treatment method (spray paint, plastic spraying, fluorocarbon paint spraying, whether the whole hot-dip galvanizing, etc.),

The selection of steel, surface polishing, and so on are closely related.

According to the capacity and installation height requirements of the selected wind turbine and solar cells, and combined with the local natural resources, the intensity of the lamp pole should be designed to determine the reasonable lamp pole and structural form. Generally, the stability of the lamp pole should be considered first, because the wind complementary solar street lamp adopts the top installation of fans, then solar panels, and then lamps. If the lamp pole is not used way of the thick arm and large lower opening will cause the overall resonance of the fan in the process of rotation.

self-cleaning solar street light

How Does Self-cleaning Solar Street Light Works?

What is a Self-cleaning Solar Street light?

One way to keep the solar street lights work efficiently is to do frequent monitoring of the surface of solar panels to remove the dust and dirt particles accumulated on the surface of the panel.

Cleaning the solar panels manually is a tedious and cumbersome task that consumes resources as well as time. In some areas of the middle east region where the atmosphere is dusty and dry, this activity is required every other day to keep the system running. So, in order to save the cost of labor and time, To solve this problem, Luxman developed a self-cleaning solar street light that does this task of self-cleaning automatically without the need of supervision and any manual labor.

auto-cleaning solar light

Luxman Self-cleaning Solar Street Light Objective:

  • To clean the solar panels effectively.
  • To clean the solar panels on a daily basis.
  • To improve overall solar panels efficiency.
  • To avoid manual labor.
  • To avoid dust, and dirt associated with the solar panels.

LUXMAN Self-cleaning Solar Street Light has been tested on the roof for more than 9 months.

Luxman auto-cleaning solar street light includes a built-in motor and a robotic brush arm over the surface of the panel to move back and forth to do the cleaning of the surface. The timing of the motor is programmed which sends a signal to the motor after a specific time to allow the brushes to do the cleaning. The interesting thing about the system is that it only requires minimal energy from the batteries to operate and only takes 1 to 2 minutes to do the cleaning process. Luxman self-cleaning solar street light can clean every 4 hours in the daytime.

LUXMAN is a Solar Street Light/Solar Camera manufacturer, we work diligently to stay ahead of an ever-evolving energy climate with rising demands.
LUXMAN Solar Lighting Product Advantage
  • 100% powered by the sun,
  • Stand-alone design,
  • No need to connect power gird
  • No electricity bill
  • Low maintenance cost
It can be installed in rural places, schools, industrial zone, residential communities, urban roads etc. 

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solar boat navigation light

How Solar Boat Navigation Lights Are Helping in Reducing the Expenses?

Solar boat navigation lights are used to help boats and ships to navigate safely at sea. These lights take different forms such as solar boat navigation lights, LED marine navigation lights, etc. About the Solar Boat Navigation Light, they are more cost-effective and practical than the usual marine navigation lights. They get power from the solar panel which is able to work even in the worse conditions by lighting up the ship and its nearby water area to avoid collisions and help navigate the ship safely. These lights are designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions that include high and strong waves of sea waters.

Safe alternative

Since these solar-powered marine lights run from the energy that they get from the sun, it makes them completely safe for ships, as there is always a chance of misfortune at sea, these solar marine lights are perfectly safe options for boats and ships. It also removes the need for external power sources which adds extra cost to the boat or ship operations.


marine light

These solar marine lights are capable of saving your wealth to a great extent. The solar panel used saves the internal batteries from damages and is a free source of energy. The batteries used in the marine lighting system are able to last longer than usual batteries and also help to avoid expensive replacement charges.

One thing to note is that if you are using quality solar marine light then there will not be any need for battery replacement or maintenance for a good amount of time. Moreover, they come with a good warranty and after-sale services which help the buyers to avoid certain technical repair payments. Also, not only this, the solar panel is able to not only power the marine lights but can also power other equipment available on the ships such as microwaves, radios, etc.

Ease of Installation

One can easily install this light on the boat rails or anywhere on the boat without the need for any technical labor. It usually comes with additional clipping equipment that gives the user freedom of installing it anywhere on his boat. Whether the user position the light high or low, most of the marine lights come with an easy-to-use remote that can activate the light from a certain distance which is usually at least 15 to 30 meters. This feature makes life easier for the user to remotely switch it on and off instead of stumbling over the boat.


These solar marine lights are capable of proving a high level of brightness as compared to usual marine lights which take too much energy and are costly if there are operating on high brightness. The solar marine lights are bright enough to be visible from several nautical miles. This allows the people in the boat or ships to communicate the location to fellow nighttime boaters and gives them the ability to avoid potential dangers by illuminating the area around the ship.

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solar security light

Why Should We Use Solar Security Light

Lights are an essential part of the community and workplaces. These lights provide security and safety to the people residing and working. The need for lighting is much higher in the most remote location where safety and security are a major concern. Solar security light has been known to be a popular choice for these remote locations. With no need for traditional power sources, these solar-powered security lights can be installed anywhere in any location. Below are some of the reasons that advocate the use of solar flood lights for security purposes.

Potential of providing clear visibility from a distance

The amount of light emitted by solar security lights is high enough to cover a large area. These solar-powered security lights also come with a motion sensor that can regulate the intensity of the light depending on people moving in or around the area, this helps in the conservation of power as the lights will only operate on high power when something moves in the area. This helps the lights capable of running all night long. Once the sensor detects the motion, the lights come on for a period of time allowing someone to visibly see what has set off the motion sensors.

Provide facial recognition at a certain distance

These solar security light with motion sensor has the ability to produce much better lighting and allows for better visibility since the lighting levels produced are close to the daylight as compared to any other types of lamps. This helps in providing facial recognition ability from a certain distance. This can be done by using any facial recognition system in place along with the floodlights or by any person who is responsible for the security of the area. These high levels of light allow people to recognize who is moving in their surrounding areas.

Protect the area from crime

One of the many reasons for using outdoor solar security lights is to use them to lower and control the crime rates in the area. Since the system doesn’t rely on the power grid, these lights are able to protect the area even when the power is out in the area. Criminals are not known to operate in areas where there is enough lighting and there is a fear of being caught. So, lighting the area helps deter crime in the area and also provide easy recognition if something bad happens.

Helps improve the nighttime pedestrian traffic and security

Having enough lightings foster positive changes in the people living in the area. An early morning jog, an after-dinner visit to the park or places, or late-night cycling is only possible when there is enough lighting available on the roads. The installation of more illumination makes people feel safe and secure.

For business owners, ensuring more customer traffic and adequate security for the employees is the most important concern. These outdoor solar security lights can help business owners achieve those objectives. No one wants to go to an area where there is not enough lighting available as people tend to feel unsafe.

Provide lighting to parking spots for the safety of the vehicle

It is mostly seen that the parking lots in communities are without light. Almost in every community, there is a pool, clubhouse, golf resort, and residence parking lots available. These parking lots need adequate lightings for the security of vehicles. Installing grid-powered lighting is costly but led solar security light is a perfect alternate to that solution. It provides higher levels of lighting without the additional need for cables and trenching.


Summing up, providing additional safety and security at night is the top priority, and using a good amount of lighting provides a feeling of safety for the people moving around and helps keep the area alive.


solar flood light project

Benefits of Choosing Solar Powered Flood Lights

Anyone who has a large space to illuminate, solar LED flood light will get the job done. These lights are bright enough to make people feel safer in the area. Besides safety, there are also some other benefits of choosing Solar Powered Flood Lights.

Traditional floodlights have been in the market for so long and have helped us in many ways. But there are some disadvantages to them. In contrast, the Solar Powered Flood Lights technology has helped in mitigating some of those disadvantages. LED flood light does exactly they are promised to do so. They lit and flood the area with light.

Conservation of energy and cost-efficient

As compared to traditional floodlights which consume a considerable amount of energy and have a high cost of operation, the solar motion LED floodlights can help save energy as well as the user’s money. These lights are able to provide the same level of brightness as traditional floodlights but at a much lower cost.

Solar-led floodlights offer cost-effective lighting solutions as they do not operate on a power grid. This means that after installing these lights one wouldn’t need to pay thousands of dollars of electricity bills. Over time, this technology helps the owner to save a lot of money from electricity bills, without compromising comfort and convenience.

solar flood light

LED lights are free of toxic elements

Traditional fluorescent light bulbs include mercury which is harmful to the environment as well as to human health. These outdoor LED floodlights are free of toxic materials and are fully recyclable as well. LED lights can easily be disposed of without the need for special handling, unlike fluorescent bulbs.

Longer life span

LED light bulbs last up to six times longer than the other bulbs in the market. This saves the money and effort of users from having to frequently go out and buy replacements. LED lights also do not produce heating which usually happens with other bulbs and cause a reduction in their life span.

Motion Sensor

Some outdoor solar LED floodlights to come with a motion sensor that can regulate the amount of light depending on the movement of people in and around. These solar motion sensor flood light come with the functionality allowing them either to run continuously or one can set them to come on if there is a movement in the area. solar motion sensor flood light with the sensor installed, use less energy than continuously running lights.

solar powered led flood light

Help boost the business in the night

It is distressing for the businesses when customers don’t feel secure visiting the business areas from dusk and into the darkness of the night. The movement of people visiting the shops gets restricted when people don’t feel safe due to the absence of enough lighting in the area. Using solar LED floodlights can boost the level of safety for the customers by flooding the area with enough lighting and can drive the movement of people in the area.

Solar LED floodlights can help improve business traffic. Lighting welcomes people to an area and helps them feel secured to shop in the markets.

solar traffic light

Why Solar LED Traffic Light is a Better Option?

Currently, the super bright solar LED bulbs have started replacing incandescent lamps as traffic lights, sign lights, warning lights. These Solar LED traffic lights to have the advantages of a longer life span, low power consumption, higher brightness, hence making them an ideal option to be used as a light source for traffic signal lighting.

solar stud

Energy saving

One of the biggest advantages of using solar LED lights is their lower electricity consumption. As compared to incandescent lamps which offer 80% of the heat losses, and emit only 20% of the visible light, these LED traffic signal offers almost 100% of the excitation energy as visible light without the contribution of heat losses.

Good visibility

Solar LED traffic lights are able to maintain good visibility and performance, continuously throughout the running time and are able to withstand rain, dust, and other harsh weather conditions. LED emit monochromatic light, which means there is no requirement of using the color film to produce green, yellow and red colors. These amazing features of LED lights solve the color film fading problems that usually happen in traditional non-LED traffic lights.

Low heat energy

Almost all of the energy is converted into a visible light spectrum, unlike incandescent lamps where a huge amount of energy is wasted in the form of heat energy. The surface of LED lights is always cool, which helps them to perform better and obtain a longer life span, also protecting the people from heat burns during maintenance.

  Longer life span

Traffic lights have to face harsh temperatures, sometimes during extreme winters and sometimes during extreme summers. The working environment for traffic lights is relatively harsh which demands higher requirements for stability. Traditional incandescent bulbs have an average life span of 1000 hours, and halogen lamps are able to go up till 2000 hours, after that they have to be replaced which increases the maintenance costs. Solar LED traffic lights are able to perform for a longer period of time and are good to go for at least 80,000 hours. Moreover, they also do not suffer from damages caused by filament shocks or broken glass problems.

Quicker Response

Halogen bulbs or incandescent bulbs response time is slower as compared to LED lights. Solar LED traffic light response time is faster which helps in reducing traffic accidents significantly.

It is commonly seen that there is always some kind of maintenance and replacement activity happening on these lights on road intersections which disrupts the flow of traffic. Since traffic lights play an important role in controlling the flow of traffic especially in urban centers, these replacement activities incur a great loss to the time and cost of the riders.  In order to save the time and cost of both the riders and the government, solar LED lights are a better substitute to traditional incandescent bulbs.
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solar strobe light

Benefits and Uses of Solar Powered LED traffic & Solar Warning Light

Solar warning light and Solar traffic light are now becoming the best choice for major traffic control offices. It can be installed to power traffic signal lights as well as to power hazards or regulation signs on the highways and roads.  It not only saves energy but also helps to reduce maintenance and replacement costs. This solution can help the government to create awareness among the public and will be a major step towards a greener environment.

solar stud

Solar traffic light requires no need for wiring and can be installed anywhere, no matter how remote the location is or how far the location is from the grid. All that is required is to install these lights on the roads and let it be there for years to come since it would not require frequent maintenance.

This modern technology provides several benefits to the people in many ways and some of them are mentioned below.

Solar Light Emitting Signs & Signals

solar traffic signal

Security and safety are the most important concern when crossing the roads, and when it comes to improving safety, solar signs and signals lights are the better choices. It enhances road security and offers safe transportation. No matter, whether it is being used as a LED arrow or warning boards, it offers real-time information for the people on the road. Using solar technology, one can operate LED warning boards, solar signal light, solar arrow board, etc. Besides the benefits of energy savings, these solar light-emitting signs and solar signals provide better visibility to the rider and are a step towards the best traffic management solution.


 Solar Strobe Light

Solar Strobe lights are used to draw attention to potential hazards, moving equipment like forklifts, and for other safety-related concerns. These are high-intensity lights thus consume a good amount of energy which means it is costly to operate them on power grids. But solar strobe LED lights are a cheaper and better alternative and can be installed anywhere without worrying about connections and wiring needs. These Solar strobe lights are used in noisy environments where it is difficult to hear audible alarms.

solar warning lights

Permanent & Temporary Solar Road Studs

The solar road stud is able to mitigate that problem by emitting light to assist the traffic in the identification of lanes and provide a safe driving experience. These solar road studs come in various variants; some are installed a little (7mm) above the ground for high load traffic and some are leveled with the ground for the movement of light traffic. These are used as a light source as well as a passive source of light reflection to create a strong visual impact feeling. They are able to withstand high traffic loads and are high impact and corrosion-resistant. The installation process is pretty straight forward and once installed, they are good to go for the next 5 years at least.

solar traffic light

Solar warning light

Warning lights are mostly used for construction sites, work zones, traffic highways, and security projects. It incorporates photovoltaic technology into a compact efficiently designed solar-powered warning light package. It only needs a few hours of indirect sunlight to fully restore the charge. By employing renewable energy, which is constant, free, and non-polluting, these solar warning lights eliminate maintenance and disposal costs.  These lights are capable of providing an intense light output each night for many years and have superior performance and dependability as compared to the conventional power systems.