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Solar Street Lamp Controller Design Principle

Solar street lamp controller is the smallest part of the whole solar street lamp system

its cost is also one of the lower parts, but it is a very important part of the whole system, is the control center of the whole solar street lamp system. With the development of the industry, the function of the solar street lamp controller is more and more, and the degree of intelligence is more and more high, so the reasonable and scientific design of solar street lamp controller standards, quality and parameters is very critical. After years of experience in controller development and use, LUXMAN summarized the following principles:

High-quality electronic components

The life of the components determines the life of the solar lamp controller, so the controller must strictly control the raw material incoming inspection, Luxman chose the  Japan Rubycon capacitor, TI chip, the quality of these components is stable,

Accurate parameter setting

Pay attention to the controller and solar street light battery supporting, especially the battery voltage, solar street light controller and solar street light lighting module source matching, solar street light LED module input voltage and solar street light controller output voltage must be consistent. The power distribution of the solar street lamp controller should be reasonable, The lighting time and power of the street lamp should be reasonably distributed according to the power generation and storage capacity of the solar street lamp system.

Note that the lead acid battery solar street light controller and lithium battery  solar street lamp controller is not universal.

Reliable software performance

The performance of the software should be stable. Luxman’s controller software is based on many practical application parameters and feedback settings. The installation environment has a great impact on the lamps. For example, in Japan, Canada, and other countries, the sunshine time in winter is relatively short and the lighting time needs to be longer. Therefore, for different projects and applications, we provide customized program services to ensure that our products are stable.

Reasonable use of the management function

The current solar street lamp controller in addition to the regular function of time control(lights up for 12 hours every night), infrared (people come to light, people go to light out or dim), intelligent management output (the same electricity can ensure that the lights do not go out for a week or a month or even longer). We can also add a camera, Bluetooth connection, support app, pad, computer remote control, etc. these functions must be selected and set according to the needs of users.
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