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How to Extend the Lifespan of Integrated Solar Street Light

The service life of the integrated solar street light is mainly affected by four factors: solar panel, controller, lamp module and battery pack, and the most important is the service life of lithium battery. The life span of the solar street lamp directly affects the subsequent maintenance cost of customers.

The integrated solar panel is mainly divided into monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, and amorphous silicon. The conversion efficiency of monocrystalline silicon solar panel is the highest, the photoelectric conversion efficiency is about 15%, and the highest is 24%. However, the charging effect on rainy days is not as good as polycrystalline silicon, and the production cost is high. As monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon is generally encapsulated by toughened glass and waterproof resin, it is durable and has a service life of 15 years, up to 25 years. The output power efficiency is 90% after 15 years and 85% after 25 years.

Different brands of LED Chips have a different service life. At present, integrated solar street lamps use LED lamps. The LED lamps have high luminous efficiency and service life of up to 50000 hours. Theoretically, 12 hours a day can be used for 11 years.

For the integrated solar street lamp controller, it is not only necessary to control, monitor and maintain the operation status of photovoltaic modules, lithium batteries and loads but also need to control the lithium batteries to ensure the operation status of lithium batteries.  At the same time, it directly maintains the load of the solar street lamps and provides a useful and relatively stable working environment, especially in critical conditions such as lithium battery power shortage or Undervoltage operation.

Reminder: a high precision, high stability controller plays a very critical role, can effectively extend battery life.

The lithium battery life of Luxman light factory’s series of integrated solar street lamps can reach about 6-8 years.

To sum up, the comprehensive service life of integrated solar street lamps is about 8 years, during which there is no maintenance, no electric charge, energy-saving, and environmental protection. Compared with the street lamps with traditional electric lighting, it can save a lot of costs and also contribute to the protection of the environment.

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integrated solar street light

What is Integrated Solar LED Street Light?

Integrated solar LED street light, also known as solar LED integrated light, is a combination of high-efficiency solar panels, 6-8 years long-life lithium batteries, high-luminous-efficiency LEDs and intelligent controllers, PIR human sensor modules, anti-theft installation brackets. Also called all in one solar LED street light or integrated solar LED garden light.

integrated solar light

Working principle

The integrated solar street lamp is converted into electricity by solar panels and then recharges the lithium batteries in the integrated solar street lamp. During the day, even on cloudy days, the solar generator (solar panel) collects the energy needed for storage and automatically supplies LED lights at night, enabling night lighting.

At the same time, the integrated solar street lamp has PIR human body sensing function, which can realize the infrared sensing control lamp working mode of the intelligent human body at night. When there is a person, it will be 100% bright, and when there is no person, it will automatically change to 30% brightness after a certain time delay. saving more energy intelligently.  Solar energy, as a safe and environmentally friendly new energy with an inexhaustible supply, plays an important role in the integration of solar street lights.

Structure and composition

The main components of the integrated solar LED street lamp is as follows: it is composed of an integrated lamp (configuration: high-efficiency solar panel, high-capacity lithium battery, MPPT intelligent controller, high-brightness LED Chips, PIR human body sensor probe, anti-theft installation bracket) and a lamp pole.

integrated led solar street light

Structure and composition

The main components of the integrated solar LED street lamp is as follows: it is composed of an integrated lamp (configuration: high-efficiency solar panel, high-capacity lithium battery, MPPT intelligent controller, high-brightness LED Chips, PIR human body sensor probe, anti-theft installation bracket) and a lamp pole.


Functional features

The integrated solar LED street lamp adopts the integrated design, which is simple, fashionable, light and practical.

· Use solar power to save electricity and protect resources;

· Adopt the human body infrared induction control technology, the light will be on when people come, and the light will be dark when people go, so as to extend the lighting time;

· Adopt high-capacity long-life lithium battery to ensure the service life of the product, generally up to 6-8 years;

· No need for cable, extremely convenient installation;

· Waterproof structure, safe and reliable;

· Easy to expand other functions such as timing and APP control, USB interface, CCTV camera;

· Adopt a modular design concept to facilitate installation, maintenance, and repair;

· Alloy materials are used as the main structure, with good anti-rust and anti-corrosion functions;

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solar led street light

Solar LED Street Lights Application Analysis

When Greta Thunberg, a Swedish environmental teenager, chose to sail the Atlantic for two weeks before arriving in New York for the United Nations’ youth climate summit, Luxmanlight employees were actively promoting the use of Integrated Solar LED Street Lights around the world. Different views on the same event just represent our different ideas on environmental protection.

The all in one solar LED street light is the product of modern science and technology development. It directly uses solar energy for power supply, environment-friendly, and energy-saving. With the characteristics of once investment and long-term return, traditional street lamps and an LED street lamp is gradually replaced. The solar street light with an automatic lighting system is generally used for street lighting of urban and rural roads. The intelligent street lighting system can realize the intelligent monitoring and management of street lights and reduce the operation and maintenance cost of the system. Thanks to its stable performance, easy management and no need for electricity connection, it is becoming more and more popular. Solar LED street lamps are used in parks, communities, squares, and parking lots from remote rural areas to cities. According to our customer’s experience, now we summarize the main installation locations of solar street lamps.


Application location of solar LED street lamps

  1. Rural road lighting

The rural natural environment is harsher, not suitable for laying cable. Solar lamp installation is simple, long service life. Moreover, rural roads are narrow and small, and the requirements for LED light sources are not high, which is suitable for installing stand-alone solar LED street lights.

solar road lightsolar street light

  1. Monitoring and lighting of farms, barns, doorways, and courtyards

House installation of solar street lights not only very convenient night lighting, but also can be equipped with a camera monitoring function. In the meantime, installation is simple, still can save a lot of electricity bills. Current standard configuration with light control, will according to illumination (brightness) automatically turn on-off the light, auto-off in the day, auto-on light at night, very simple and convenient.

  1. Homestay, resort, and hotel outdoor lighting

Lighting safety, environmental protection, and energy-saving are the pursuit of the concept of homestay and hotel, so the solar street lamp is the right choice.

  1. Mining area, remote power shortage place lighting

Mining areas are usually quite remote, so the cost of installing street lamps by cable is very high. Therefore, it is appropriate to choose a solar street lamp. Luxman solar LED street light works 12 hours a night and can support 5-7 rainy days. The road may still be rough, but it is no longer dark and safe to travel.

  1. Island lighting

There is no doubt that islands are short of electricity, especially the remote, smaller islands, which are 100% short of electricity. Diesel power doesn’t work 24/7 and there are always dark hours, but solar lighting will keep your nights dark no matter how windy or rainy.

LUXMAN - solar street light 1LUXMAN - solar remote area light

  1. Monitoring and lighting of the home town villa

Many young people like to live in the city, where the house is only for old people and children or no one lives. Therefore, a kind of solar street light with a camera that can be illuminated and monitored is very suitable for use. like Luxman S3C Series solar street light with a camera for residential areas.

  1. The lighting of urban roads and secondary trunk road

Energy-saving and emission reduction can be achieved not only by using AC Powered LED lighting, but also by using more advanced solar-powered street lighting without electricity bill, which can be invested once and be effective for a long time.

  1. Square, parking lot, playground lighting

There’s a lot of traffic in public places, but it’s usually only in the early hours of the night. The intelligent solar street lamp can do induction mode(PIR), time control mode, and can also do induction + time control hybrid mode, so it can meet the lighting use in public places.

  1. Schools, hospitals and museums outdoor lighting

Environmental protection is everyone’s business. The low-carbon concept must be promoted from schools to hospitals, exhibitions, museums, and another outdoor lighting. Integrated solar street lamps not only meet the lighting needs but also have a prominent environmental protection demonstration effect.

solar garage lightssolar campus lighting

  1. Park and green space lighting

In general, the lighting of parks and green Spaces does not require high illumination on the ground (compared with outdoor stadium lighting). Intelligent solar street lamps are the best choice for lighting in these public areas.

  1. Community road lighting

The lighting of community roads and garden roads in the community has changed from traditional lamps to LED lamps and then to solar street lamps, which is the trend of the times.

  1. Industrial zone, science, and technology park, road lighting

In industrial areas, science and technology parks or innovation incubators park, no matter traditional lighting or LED lighting which used for public electricity, it is not as cost-effective as solar street lamps after cost accounting.

13.Outdoor camping lighting

The installation of LED solar street lamps in some of the best places for camping not only solves the main problem of campers but also ensures their safety to some extent.

In the future, more than 70% of roads and lighting are expected to use solar street lamps, compared with less than 5% today. At present, the price of a solar street lamp is mainly set according to the level of parameter configuration, and the service life is closely related to the configuration. The solar street light manufacturer offers a five-year warranty, which is favored by many customers.

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