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Smart Street Light and 5G Micro Station

China’s 5G license is issued one year ahead of schedule, so we can imagine the importance China attaches to 5G. Because 5G has been recognized as the fourth industrial revolution, one of the major application scenarios of 5G is intelligent driving and driverless and smart street lights. What impact and opportunities does 5G have on the company? What will 5G bring? Whether Smart street light can be the links of smart cities.  In June 2019, the issuance of 5G commercial licenses in China marked the acceleration of the 5G era.

5G station

It has three “netted, node, poled” micro-base stations, which are deployed in densely populated areas and buildings . It can effectively supplement the weak coverage area of macro-base station signals, and can achieve capacity improvement in a smaller range. The load-bearing design of ordinary lamp pole is difficult to carry the construction of 5G micro-base station. Every 100m of 5G network has a 5G micro-base station. The power consumption of 5G is three times of that of 4G. Loading 5G equipment on the basis of 4G macro-station often encounters insufficient power. Therefore, smart street lamp pole becomes the preferred equipment of 5G micro-base station.


Functional Realization of 5G SMART Light Pole

It can collect, distribute and transmit information of smart street lighting, public security, municipal administration, meteorology, environmental protection, communication and other industries, and form a smart perception network to realize the precise management of urban areas and intensive utilization of urban resources.

5G smart light pole

The Problems Faced by 5G Smart Street Light Pole to Achieve Popularization

  1. High cost

The cost of a smart street light with pole is usually about 4000-5000USD, and the 5G base station needs more than the 4G base station. In order to achieve the 5G response speed, the 5G base station construction will be at least twice as fast as the 4G base station, and the 5G base station cost will be twice as much as the 4G base station. The power consumption of the 5G base station is three times as high as that of the 4G base station. About 1.5 times that of 4G.

2. Cooperation of the Government

Because the base station involves the huge investment of government funds and the high challenge to municipal planning, it can not start this project in a short time without the full support of the local government.

  1. High requirements for the company’s comprehensive strength

Because 5G and intelligent lighting projects involve hardware, software, financial strength and company qualification requirements, ordinary companies are excluded. Only a few large companies have access tickets to the market.


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