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solar street light


S2 Series

S2 Series Solar Street light is availalbe in remote control, Three modes of lighting can be suitable for various environments.

solar street ;ogjt

S3 Series

S3 Series Solar Street light with Controller and Battery module design, Easy to maintance.

solar street light

SF Series

SF Series Split type Solar Street Light controlled by Mobile APP, easy to monitor the working status.

solar street light

S3 Solar CCTV

S3 Series solar security light offer 24hours monitoring and 12 hours lighting, easy to install.

solar camera light


For over 10 years, LUXMAN has been dedicated to manufacturing  solar powered street light products. LUXMAN is a hi-tech solar light manufacturer devoted to R&D, production and sales of  solar powered street lighting system products. We partner with businesses to customize innovative power and sustainability solutions that are informed by our years of experience as market leaders. And we work diligently to stay ahead of an ever-evolving energy climate with rising demands. LUXMAN boasts a standard solar light production line, import and export priority and the expertise of management, development, manufacturing and marketing team. Committed to providing global customers with safe, portable, efficient and sustainable green energy all in one solar light products.

Road Solar Lighting

solar road lighting

Campus Solar Lighting


Car parking Solar Lighting


Construction Site Solar Lighting

solar street light

Farm Solar Lighting

solar steet light

Island Solar Lighting

Island Solar Lighting


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