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Winter Solar Street Light Operation Hours Reduced | Tips and Advice | LUXMAN Solar Light

In a short period of time, the problem of attenuation of the battery life of solar street light in winter is still “unsolvable”. It is undeniable that the current solar street lights have many advantages such as power saving, easy installation, and high intelligence.

Perhaps the manufacturer should indicate to the user the problem of low-temperature lighting when advertising the winter solar street light, instead of waiting until the winter to complain that the lights they bought only light up in the middle of the night or do not light up at all. Of course, when the spring flowers bloom, the lights will return to their original state.

Solution 1A: Manually remove snow and ice in time.

In high-latitude countries, heavy snow and extremely cold weather in winter can easily cause solar panels to be covered by heavy snow, resulting in low charging efficiency or inability to charge. It is necessary to clean the surface of solar panels in time, remove snow and ice, and try to replenish electricity.

Solution 1B: Automatic snow removal and deicing.

In addition to manual snow removal, ice removal, and dust removal, solar street lights with automatic cleaning tools can also be effective.

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Solution 2: Increase solar panel power and battery capacity.

This scheme is relatively simple. The increase in battery capacity and the corresponding solar panel also increase, which can provide additional power for street lights and extend the number of lighting days.

It is feasible to increase the solar panel alone without increasing the battery. Objectively, it can charge more batteries in a shorter period of time, which is particularly important in winter.

It doesn’t make sense to increase the battery alone without increasing the matching solar panel. Because the charging efficiency of the original solar panels is fixed, if the charging is insufficient every day, the added battery AH is wasted.

Solution 3: Shorten the lighting time.

Shorten the lighting time of solar street lights every night through remote control settings. For example, the standard working time is 12 hours per night, adjusted to 6 hours. That is, the lights are turned on in the first half of the night, and the lights are not turned on in the second half of the night. This reduces battery energy consumption and extends the number of lighting days. But at the same time, there is a problem, that is, the nighttime in winter is longer, so shortening the lighting time is not very scientific.

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Solution 4: Set up the battery insulation package.

Design a heat preservation plan for the battery pack. When the temperature is lower than a certain value, the system can automatically heat up and automatically shut down when it reaches a certain temperature value. This can ensure that the battery pack works within a temperature range to achieve optimal use. The technical difficulty is a bit high, and only a few companies can do it.

Solution 5: Increase wind power generation.

From pure solar panel power generation, it becomes both solar power generation and wind power generation. Adding a channel for supplementing electricity greatly improves the charging efficiency of the battery. At the same time, we must pay attention to adding wind turbines, the cost will be higher.

Solution 6: The mains power complements each other.

Add an AC power adapter, which will be replenished by the mains when the battery is short. Controlled by the main controller, priority is given to using solar power, and when the battery power is insufficient, it will automatically switch to mains power. At present, this program is mature. It is the first product to be launched in the Nordic countries, and it has been successfully installed. Can fully meet the lighting needs.

In summary, as an outstanding leader in the solar street light industry, LUXMAN has developed products that are not only rich in variety and excellent in appearance, but more importantly, we rely on more than ten years of product production experience, customer feedback, and stricter environmental protection. skills requirement.

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