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The Coronavirus Will Pass, and The Light Will Come

When new coronavirus pneumonia broke out in the world, when many cities were closed down, when partners were in trouble, Luxman light offered little effort to prevent and control the epidemic. For the Luxman’s partners of the world, we sent some free medical materials to them.

Since ancient times, human beings have been fighting against viruses. The technological and scientific progress we have made enables us to curb the spread of the coronavirus and reduce the loss of human life. Today’s health system is much stronger than ever before. Scientists tell us that viruses are random, they have no nationality. Viruses are our collective challenge. We are either United or defeated by fear. At present, China has controlled the epidemic, people’s lives and work have been basically normalized, and children have returned to school classes.

People all over the world are doing the same job as us, and their families are hanging on the same heart like us. Just want to tell you through these experiences, don’t worry and don’t be afraid, the epidemic will eventually pass, because there are many heroes who are doing their best to win this epidemic Resistance War, for the sake of lovers, relatives, friends, our compatriots, and our tomorrow.

A river is formed by collecting water, and a mountain is formed by accumulating soil. If people work together, the haze will disappear and the light will come.

Luxman Light Team
May 21, 2020



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