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What Is the Best Solar Street Light In China

There are many other countries and regions in the world. Electricity is very scarce or expensive. In addition, global warming has caused more and more people to pay attention to green energy. In order to solve environmental problems and achieve environmental targets in Australia, some coal-fired power plants in Australia will be closed down. The government is also formulating relevant guidelines.

Subsidies for solar street lamps have multiplied in recent years in Africa due to power shortages. Based on these factors, solar energy-related products have become the choice of more and more people, and the best solar street light with induction has become one of them. As an ordinary consumer, you may want to know, what kind of solar-powered motion lights is the best solar powered street lights? We will analyze it from the following three aspects.


   1. Adopted good material

Best solar street lights must be made of good raw materials. The components that make up the solar street lamp are solar panels, solar cells, solar controllers, infrared sensors and so on. These core components will have a great impact on the life of solar street lamp products, such as the use of poor quality. Batteries will lead to very serious attenuation or even extinction of lamps after several months of use. So the best solar powered motion lights must use superior source material.


    2.Stability product system

As mentioned above, the best solar powered motion light must be made of good raw materials, so if a light is made of good raw materials, is it a good light? The answer is No. In fact, you can understand that the solar street lamp is a small solar power generation system. During the day, the photovoltaic module made of polycrystalline silicon converts solar energy into electric energy and stores it in storage batteries. Under the control of the intelligent controller, the solar street lamp absorbs the sun through the solar illumination. Energy and light are converted into electricity, and solar cells are charged to batteries during the day. In the evening, the battery pack provides power to the LED light source to realize the lighting function. The controller plays a vital role in the process of charging and discharging. The intelligent controller is written into the program group. Intelligent settings are made for lighting time and mode. If these programs are abnormal, it will affect the stability of the whole solar powered motion lights. In addition, different processors also affect the performance of the product. An important factor, such as the welding process of parts, the error control of hardware processing, etc., so a good solar Induction street lamp must be produced by a manufacturing factory with technological research and development strength and experience.


best solar powered motion light

    3. Low maintenance cost

Whether as a professional or ordinary consumer, we are very concerned about the ROI index. Because of the cost of raw materials, the first purchase cost or investment of solar Induction street lamps is relatively high,

ItemSolar Light AC LightRemark
Product cost$310.00*100=31,000.00$100.00*100=10,000.00
Electrical bills060/0.8*12*365/1000=328KWH


We take 100PCS 60W solar street lamps as an example, do not consider Electric wires cost, Electric equipment cost and labor cost of AC light,  The solar street lamp can catch up with the pre-investment cost of non-solar street lamp products in the second year, so if the life of the solar-powered motion lights is unstable, it is a waste of investment.


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