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auto clean solar street light

What is Auto Clean Solar Street Light?


Solar lights are alternatives of high usage in the past few years for lighting commercial or residential areas. Solar Street Light provides an ecologically friendly solution to renewable solar lighting. Installing solar street lights with a self-cleaning mechanism saves you time for manual cleaning, and they charge up faster because the solar panels are always clean.

Solar-powered street lights are very popular for their energy efficiency and eco-friendly. These lights are efficient for lighting up pathways or walkways, and they don’t require wiring.

1. What is Auto Clean Solar Street Light?

The auto clean solar street light is a solar street light with an auto-cleaning mechanism integrated with its design.  One of the features that stands out with the auto clean solar street light is the self cleaning mechanism, which is  an brush with thick bristles that allow up to four hours of automatic cleaning. The brush bristles have a flat fitting on the solar panels, allowing for thorough cleaning. The bristles are made to be thick and soft for an awesome cleaning.


2. Where do you need Auto Clean Solar Street Light?

The auto cleaning solar street light is ideal for installing in heavy dust areas and areas with a high bird population. When you have traditional solar street lights installed in such areas, you must manually clean them. This means you have to take down the solar street lights every once in a while for cleaning. With the auto clean solar street light, you don’t have to worry about this anymore, as it cleans itself automatically per 4 hours. In areas where wildlife is common, with high dust levels, you can easily install these street lights following the instructions in the manual. No need to hire professionals. The auto clean solar street lights are designed with thick bristles, ideal for cleaning heavy dust particles, oil layers that may accumulate on the solar panels, and waste from birds that may find its way on the solar panels.

When installing this solar street light, ensure there is no shade. It would be best if you installed it in an open area with an unlimited supply of sunlight for maximum efficiency.

Auto clean solar street lights save you time, money and the environment with their self-cleaning feature. The auto cleaning mechanism allows you to use this light without worrying about maintenance. The motion sensor will keep the area lit up when someone moves around at night.

Despite being eco-friendly and energy efficient, these lights are also quite stylish. An elegant design with a modern touch makes these lights look unique and beautiful.

3. Is Self Cleaning Solar Light reliable?

The Auto Clean Solar Street Light works very reliably because it has a daily auto-cleaning feature. It is very efficient and saves you the trouble of manually cleaning your solar lights daily.

The product is designed with an auto-cleaning mechanism that cleans the solar panels daily, so it is always clean and reliable. Here are other reasons why you should consider installing auto clean solar street lights:

Ease of Installation

You can install the Auto Clean Solar Street Light yourself without having to call a professional installer or electrician. The product is packed with an installation guide in the manual. Some adjustments might be needed if you have uneven ground.

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance process for the product is very important because it ensures that the product will be used properly. If you need to trust or understand the auto-cleaning function, you can contact the manufacturer or ask for help from someone who understands. They will let you understand how to use it correctly and they’ll answer any questions you have on it.

Cost efficiency

The cost efficiency of this product is easy to calculate because it costs money to buy, but it saves a lot of time and money. It is an effective and efficient way to save more money on your energy bill in a year by cleaning your solar panel regularly; thus making it more efficient.

After sale services

The manufacturer offers 24/7 online help for any questions about the product. You can send them a message using their online form, or you can call their professional team of service providers. They will be able to help you with any problems regarding the product.

  4.What’s the advantage of LUXMAN Auto-cleaning Solar Street Light?

  • Brush casing is made from an aluminum alloy for longer durability.
  • Adopted 100,000hours life time wide voltage input  brushless
  • The brush will automatically return when encountering large obstacles, and will not be stuck, causing damage to the motor.
  • Car-grade brush which can operate in tough outdoor environment.


The auto clean solar street light is very popular in the market today because of its quality and other features that contribute to its popularity. If you need a reliable and efficient lighting product, you should consider this. It has an elegant, modern design that makes it perfect for your outdoor space. It helps keep the area clean from dust and bird waste, so it saves you time in the long run.

self-cleaning solar street light

How Does Self-cleaning Solar Street Light Works?

What is a Self-cleaning Solar Street light?

One way to keep the solar street lights work efficiently is to do frequent monitoring of the surface of solar panels to remove the dust and dirt particles accumulated on the surface of the panel.

Cleaning the solar panels manually is a tedious and cumbersome task that consumes resources as well as time. In some areas of the middle east region where the atmosphere is dusty and dry, this activity is required every other day to keep the system running. So, in order to save the cost of labor and time, To solve this problem, Luxman developed a self-cleaning solar street light that does this task of self-cleaning automatically without the need of supervision and any manual labor.

auto-cleaning solar light

Luxman Self-cleaning Solar Street Light Objective:

  • To clean the solar panels effectively.
  • To clean the solar panels on a daily basis.
  • To improve overall solar panels efficiency.
  • To avoid manual labor.
  • To avoid dust, and dirt associated with the solar panels.

LUXMAN Self-cleaning Solar Street Light has been tested on the roof for more than 9 months.

Luxman auto-cleaning solar street light includes a built-in motor and a robotic brush arm over the surface of the panel to move back and forth to do the cleaning of the surface. The timing of the motor is programmed which sends a signal to the motor after a specific time to allow the brushes to do the cleaning. The interesting thing about the system is that it only requires minimal energy from the batteries to operate and only takes 1 to 2 minutes to do the cleaning process. Luxman self-cleaning solar street light can clean every 4 hours in the daytime.

LUXMAN is a Solar Street Light/Solar Camera manufacturer, we work diligently to stay ahead of an ever-evolving energy climate with rising demands.
LUXMAN Solar Lighting Product Advantage
  • 100% powered by the sun,
  • Stand-alone design,
  • No need to connect power gird
  • No electricity bill
  • Low maintenance cost
It can be installed in rural places, schools, industrial zone, residential communities, urban roads etc. 

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