• Best Solar Parking Lot Lights

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Solar parking lot lights

LUXMAN 12V Portable Solar parking lot lights designed  for providing off-grid solar lighting to a outdoor car parking lot or a garage. Luxman designed and developed the solar parking lamps with good water proof performance and mobility. Users can install them on the wall or lamp pole, move freely without the limitation of wires. Luxman’s solar panel parking lights can be controlled by remote control to switch the lamps, adjust the lighting mode and brightness, and monitor the working status of the lamps. Luxman solar powered parking light can be used to  Commerial, Industrial or home areas.

LUXMAN Solar Park solution:

SS Solar Park lights

S2 Solar Park lights

S3 Solar Park lights

S3C Solar Park light with camera

LUXMAN - luxman solar car parking light

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LUXMAN - luxman solar car parking light

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LUXMAN - luxman solar car parking light

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Lighting design for your project

The Lighting Design System enables you to build rich enterprise experiences and custom applications with the patterns and established best practices, Luxman professional lighting design team will support you to offer customized lighting design solution for you client.


  • Install anywhere
  • No electricity wiring
  • No electricity bill
  • Maintenance free
  • Smart control

Application Case

Outdoor car parking often have large areas for customers and visitors. Lighting in parking lots can be expensive, Energy saving in exterior car park lighting is also becoming increasingly important, especially with industrial companies with shift work that illuminate their car park through the night. Solar parking lot lights is with standalone design which 100% powered by the sun, no need to connect the power grid(save the electricity cable investment) , solar led parking lot lights detects people and vehicle presence to provide lighting as needed, enable you to create more sustainable car park lighting while keeping visitors safe and comfortable.

LUXMAN - luxman solar car parking light
solar garage lights
car parking solar light

Our Solution

Solar energy lighting projects require very high climatic conditions in the application area, such as sunshine time, rainy days, longitude and latitude and so on.How to provide an effective solar lighting solution, LUXMAN will develop a unique customized solar lighting solution according to the application conditions provided by customers.