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4 Applications of Solar Street Lights in American Real Estate (2)

In the previous section, we analyzed why solar street lights were installed and used in the US real estate industry.

So now let’s take a look at how solar street lights are applied in the real estate industry.


First: The roadside in front of housing. Installed along public roads or on your own lawn, trails, etc. Installed on the side of public roads to benefit others; privately owned land and trails to ensure environmental protection and safety. They can be illuminated for 12 hours every night, 365 days a year with a minimum 3-5 years of reliable long-term lighting. It is recommended to use PIR control, power between 20W -40W and illumination 2000lm-5000lm. It’s more practical and cost-effective.

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Second: The front lawn. The lawn in front of a house might have a landscaped environment, aiding in absorption of air contaminants like dust or harmful gases, purification of air, elimination of noise, prevention of soil erosion and so on. It is recommended to use solar lighting products with monitoring function. The recommended power is 30W -60W.

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Three: Near a swimming pool. Many of America’s houses and residential communities have swimming pools. Many family gatherings, rest and recreational activities are near a pool, so the outdoor lighting and security of the swimming pool is especially important. It is recommended to use 20W-40W solar street lights. It is recommended to use cameras around a swimming pool where little kids, animals or drunk people might fall in and drown.

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Four: Near the garage door. The garage is almost indispensable for every American family. The garage is not only large in space but also has a wide variety of uses. Many start up companies in the United States need such a space and need various tools. Many well-known technology companies in history have been born in the garage, so they have a “garage culture”. It is recommended to use 20W-50W or 30W-60W solar street lights with monitoring.

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