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Winter solar light operation time is short ?

Winter solar light operation time is short?

The arrival of the cold wave is undoubtedly “adding insult to injury” to many solar street lamps. Recently, many solar street lamp users have reflected on the network platform that street lamps will have different degrees of problems such as shortened endurance, slower charging speed, and inability to charge in low temperatures in winter.

winter solar light


Why is LiFePO4 battery life attenuation more serious than ternary lithium battery at low temperature? In fact, this is due to the structural differences of LiFePO4. The ternary material is Ni-Co Mn, which is arranged in a layered structure, but LiFePO4 adopts an octahedral olivine structure, so the LiFePO4 battery has better stability performance and more controllable capacity attenuation.

However, the structural differences also lead to the lower capacity of the LiFePO4 battery. The ions migrate easily in the hierarchical structure of ternary lithium, but the octahedron has greater resistance and lower activity during the migration process, and its power is more easily affected by the external temperature environment.

The capacity retention rate of LiFePO4 batteries is about 60-70% at 0 ℃. It decays to 40-55% at – 10 ℃ below zero, and only 20-40% at – 20 ℃. The ternary lithium battery can still maintain the normal battery capacity of about 70% – 80% at – 20 ℃, which is the reason why the solar streetlights equipped with LiFePO4 battery have a more serious life loss in winter.

winter solar lighting

Finally: in a short period of time, the problem of winter solar light endurance attenuation in winter is still “no solution”. It is undeniable that at present, solar streetlights have many advantages, such as power saving, easy installation, high intelligence and so on. But can users accept the shortboard with reduced endurance in winter? Perhaps manufacturers should point out the problem of low-temperature lighting to users when they publicize street lamps, instead of waiting until winter to complain that the lamps they buy are only on in the middle of the night or not at all. Of course, after spring, the winter solar light will return to its original state. er so
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