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How Does Solar Canopy light /Covered Walkway Lighting System Work?

Solar Canopy light is a perfect lighting solution for a Covered Walkway, bus stop shelter, and another outdoor covered canopy area. Solar Canopy light powered by the sun doesn’t need to connect to the power grid, it’s easy to install and maintain. The solar canopy light can work 12-15hours daily,  it can automatically light up in the dark and switch on and off after midnight through the photocell and time control smart controller.

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Solar Walkway Light System Function


Solar Panel

converts solar energy into electricity.

Solar Controller

converts the electric energy into the appropriate current and voltage of the battery and plays the role of overcharge protection for the battery.

The photocell device senses the brightness of the external environment. When the brightness is lower than the set brightness, the light signal is transmitted to the lighting control system

The lighting control system converts the battery power supply into suitable LED lighting power supply voltage and has the functions of automatic light off, battery over-discharge protection, etc


store electrical energy.

LED Lights

provide lighting for bus stops and covered walks.

LED Canopy Light Application

Bus Stop, Covered Walkway, Canopy, Factory, Warehouse, etc.

solar covered walkway light
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