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Solar Street Light Light Up Rural Areas in China

In recent years, more and more solar street light rural are used and concerned, among which solar street lamps are also used in many villages, rural areas. After the Cov-19 epidemic, the Chinese government has formulated 30 trillion infrastructure plans to stimulate the economy. The new rural reconstruction project is also one of them. The government encourages enterprises to provide advanced lighting products in the countryside. Through these projects, more and more remote mountain villages are equipped with solar street lamps, which makes the local villagers’ nightlife more convenient and safe.

Rural install solar street light general installation distance interval, first depends on the width of the road and the demand for lighting: spacing between rural street light pole, not corresponding national standards requirements, rural street lamp is commonly adopted unilateral lighting, according to the regulation of city road lighting for spacing (CJJ45-2015) national standards, as long as reach: spacing installation height of ≤3 times. For example, the installation height of the lamp pole is 8 meters, so the spacing within 24 meters is in line with the requirements.

It is necessary to consider the lighting requirements and the characteristics of the place when distributing solar street lamps. For example, 20W and 30W solar street lamps can be selected for general rural roads, and the installation distance is 25-30 meters. If the wattage is too large, it is a bit of a waste of resources, and too little wattage can not play an application role.

In rural areas, the distance between the street lamps is 30 to 50 meters. Generally, there are three kinds of install lamps: one side install lamp, two side cross install lamps, and two side symmetrical install lamps. For special cases such as T-junction light, intersection light, and bend light, the light can be distributed according to the actual situation. If both motor vehicle lane and non-motor vehicle lane need lighting, one side or two sides two-way lighting can be used.

(1) when the road width is less than 10 meters, it is enough for solar street light rural to use unilateral lighting.

(2) when the width of road lighting is 10-15 meters, LUXMAN LIGHT recommends the installation of solar street lamps by means of cross-install lamps on both sides.

(3) when the width of road lighting is more than 15 meters, it is advisable to install solar street lamps in the way of relative lighting on both sides. For example, the optimal distance of the 60W split solar street lamp is 30-50 meters, and the 30W integrated solar LED street lamp is 30 meters.

(4) for the T-shaped intersection, a T-shaped lamp can be arranged near the triangle, and at least two lamps can be arranged near the intersection for lighting.

(5) the road junction is generally equipped with a surveillance camera, which needs to be filmed clearly and can be arranged according to the shooting requirements.

6) solar lamps are generally arranged on the outside of the bend to avoid accidental traffic hitting the lamp-post.