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Application of Solar Street Light USA in Natural Disasters

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According to the U.S. World Daily, the weather forecast pointed out that Oklahoma and Arkansas were affected by the latest storm on the 27th, possibly the worst flooding in history. In Arkansas, the river water level has risen sharply and is on the verge of flooding.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Army National Guard stepped up patrols on the dikes that were in danger. Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum said on the 27th that the levees are still normal, but the situation may change at any time. “We call on everyone to prepare for the worst floods in history.” Billam said people living near the embankment should evacuate early, and the city government has set up a number of shelters.

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Every year, floods hit the Midwest and Great Plains. Over the past 30 years, the federal government and local governments had invested about $5 billion in flood prevention budgets. Over the past 10 years, costs have increased gradually, as several densely populated areas, including Texas, New York and New Jersey, have been hit hard by storms. The central and western regions have suffered from the devastating storms. Strong winds and floods have left the disaster areas devastated.

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Natural disasters such as tornadoes, storms, floods and earthquakes directly damage power grid-related equipment, including tower inversion, disconnection and substation primary equipment damage. And these all directly lead to large-scale blackouts, which mean that there is no network, communication, etc. LUXMAN Solar Street Light Manufacturer provides Integrated Solar Street Lamps to solve several problems effectively: 1. Night lighting, 2. Small energy storage system, 3. 24-hour monitoring.


LUXMAN - Solar Street Light Manufacturer

  1. Night Lighting

Lighting time:12hours per night + 365 days + 3-5 years service life

Turn on the lights 12 hours per night, turn on the lights automatically at dark and turn off the lights automatically at daybreak (we set 10-15 lux automatic induction)

Lighting mode of LUXMAN Integrated Led Solar Street Light: PIR , Timer or PIR+ Timer control

PIR control is the infrared motion detecting mode of the lighting unit. When activated, 100% of the lights turn on. after 25 seconds, the system returns to normal operation with 30% of the lights operating.

Timer control instant control mode, factory standard settings: 1 hour@70% +2 hours@100% +2 hours@50%  +7 hours@30%

PIR + Timer control + hybrid mode: 2 hours@100% +3 hours@70% +7 hours PIR operation (induction 60% + 25 seconds later change 30%, no induction 30%)


Efficient Monocrystal solar panels plus lithium iron phosphate batteries enable our lights to be turned on for 12 hours every night, and support 5-7 continuous rainy and cloudy days. In this way, LUXMAN Solar Street Light can provide illumination whenever needed, every night of the year and they can work continuously for 3-5 years.

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  1. Small energy storage system

As a solar street lamp for lighting, LUXMAN Solar Street Light fully realizes the product potential and provides additional value to customers. LUXMAN Solar Street light manufacturer provides integrated solar lighting that also features USB interface and charging of mobile phones, IPADs, etc. in an emergency. In a disaster, we can solve the urgent need for reliable off grid lighting.

Key word:LUXMAN Solar Light —USB interface

  1. 24-hour monitoring.

Another potentiality of Solar Street Light with cctv is with camera for surveillance. Part of the integrated LUXMAN solar light with Camera can be automatically monitored 24 hours a day to provide additional guardianship for your family.

solar street light with camerasolar street light with cctvsolar street light with USB

Although natural disasters can be ruthless, flooding houses, destroying homes and making you homeless, LUXMAN’s Solar Street Lights will still stand alone at home, providing you with communication power and lighting up every difficult night.

LUXMAN Solar Street Light manufacturer devotes itself to product research and development, expands product potential, cares for customers, and provides customers with high quality and cost-effective products.

Choosing LUXMAN will not only provides reliable guarantee for your customers, but also brings long-term benefits to your business.