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Why My Solar Street Light Is Not Working?

To find out why your solar street light is not working. Well, there could be a lot of reasons but nothing serious to be afraid of. Here we are listing some of the common reasons why these solar street lights sometimes do not work and how to do troubleshooting.

If you bought a solar street light from LUXMAN Light, you will see three indicators as below,

It will help you to find out which part of the solar street light is not working.

Three indicators working principle

solar street light indicators

Solar Street Light Troubleshooting

The lamp doesn’t workCausesTest methodSolution
The switch is not onCheck whether the switch is turned on.Switch it ON.
Battery runs out


Extended rainy days or not using for a long time may cause a power shortage.


Charge in sunny conditions for 1-2 days, and then observe.

Note: Lamp should be switched ON when charging in the daytime, and should be turned OFF during the night.

LED module FailureReplace the LED moduleContact seller or sales representative.
Short lighting time


Low battery capacity


1. Improper installation site.

2. Dust or leaves cover the solar panel.


1. Charge in sunny conditions for 1-2 days, and then observe.

Note: Lamp should be switched ON when charging in the daytime, and should be turned OFF during the night.

2.Clean the solar panel.

Battery failure


1.Open the lamp body to check whether or not the battery is damaged.

2.The battery is aging and the service life of the lamp has expired.

If the battery is failed, please contact the local seller or sales representative for a warranty.
No sensing


Sensor module

(controller) failure

Walk under the lamp to see if

the lamp has changed from

energy -saving mode to full

brightness mode.

If the sensor module (controller) is defective, please contact our sales representative.

Note: Above Troubleshooting is based on LUXMAN Solar Street lights

In addition to the above product performance problems, we also have some problems in the following aspects:

     1. Is the material configuration reasonable?

The installation of a solar street lamp is more sensitive to the environment. For example, the sunshine intensity, rainy days, longitude, and latitude of the project site will affect the charging effect of a solar street lamp. Therefore, a scientific material configuration is more critical. Usually, before providing product solutions, responsible manufacturers will understand the relevant data, so as to formulate product solutions.

      2. Are the materials used authentic?

Some buyers may ask, why are your products so expensive with the same parameters? In fact, the same product will also have medium, high and low-quality standards. For example, the same lithium iron phosphate battery is also divided into A level and B level. B is selected after being eliminated from A. if the product you purchase uses this type of battery of grade B, the stability of quality will certainly have an impact. So it’s important to choose a manufacturer that focuses on quality rather than just providing low-cost products.

   3. How is the production process control?

The production processing technology is also the core points that affect a solar street lamp. Do you choose a solar street lamp manufacturer with sufficient manufacturing experience, and will they improve their products according to the production experience, market, and installation feedback data? If yes, These products will become more and more stable.  Luxman is a manufacturer focusing on the production and manufacture of solar street lamps. We keep a long-term tracking of the performance of the products, and constantly optimize the products we produce, which makes our products stable in quality and competitive in the market.