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Benefits and Uses of Solar Powered LED traffic & Solar Warning Light

Solar warning light and Solar traffic light are now becoming the best choice for major traffic control offices. It can be installed to power traffic signal lights as well as to power hazards or regulation signs on the highways and roads.  It not only saves energy but also helps to reduce maintenance and replacement costs. This solution can help the government to create awareness among the public and will be a major step towards a greener environment.

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Solar traffic light requires no need for wiring and can be installed anywhere, no matter how remote the location is or how far the location is from the grid. All that is required is to install these lights on the roads and let it be there for years to come since it would not require frequent maintenance.

This modern technology provides several benefits to the people in many ways and some of them are mentioned below.

Solar Light Emitting Signs & Signals

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Security and safety are the most important concern when crossing the roads, and when it comes to improving safety, solar signs and signals lights are the better choices. It enhances road security and offers safe transportation. No matter, whether it is being used as a LED arrow or warning boards, it offers real-time information for the people on the road. Using solar technology, one can operate LED warning boards, solar signal light, solar arrow board, etc. Besides the benefits of energy savings, these solar light-emitting signs and solar signals provide better visibility to the rider and are a step towards the best traffic management solution.


 Solar Strobe Light

Solar Strobe lights are used to draw attention to potential hazards, moving equipment like forklifts, and for other safety-related concerns. These are high-intensity lights thus consume a good amount of energy which means it is costly to operate them on power grids. But solar strobe LED lights are a cheaper and better alternative and can be installed anywhere without worrying about connections and wiring needs. These Solar strobe lights are used in noisy environments where it is difficult to hear audible alarms.

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Permanent & Temporary Solar Road Studs

The solar road stud is able to mitigate that problem by emitting light to assist the traffic in the identification of lanes and provide a safe driving experience. These solar road studs come in various variants; some are installed a little (7mm) above the ground for high load traffic and some are leveled with the ground for the movement of light traffic. These are used as a light source as well as a passive source of light reflection to create a strong visual impact feeling. They are able to withstand high traffic loads and are high impact and corrosion-resistant. The installation process is pretty straight forward and once installed, they are good to go for the next 5 years at least.

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Solar warning light

Warning lights are mostly used for construction sites, work zones, traffic highways, and security projects. It incorporates photovoltaic technology into a compact efficiently designed solar-powered warning light package. It only needs a few hours of indirect sunlight to fully restore the charge. By employing renewable energy, which is constant, free, and non-polluting, these solar warning lights eliminate maintenance and disposal costs.  These lights are capable of providing an intense light output each night for many years and have superior performance and dependability as compared to the conventional power systems.