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Top Applications of LED Solar Street Lights

There is an increase in demand for LED Solar Street Lights over the past few years. Since LED Solar Street Lights is now getting recognized as among the fastest growing industry all over the world, the use of solar street lighting system is expected to be higher in the future as well. One important reason for this is the overall cost savings in the long run, and the other is the efficiency of the lighting system.

Solar Powered Street Lights are being viewed as an excellent choice because they are affordable, easy to install, and only require sunlight to perform. Since the solar light system does not require wiring, it can provide light to distant areas that are at some distance from an electric source. The system not only provides lighting but can be considered for security or safety purposes.

Based on the diverse usability of solar power as an energy source, there are some of the top solar energy uses, applications, and examples.

Highways and roadways

There is a strong need to illuminate the highways and roadways to provide a safe environment for driving. Having solar lights installed alongside the highways and roads can reduce the risk of accidents. This solution is not only cost-effective but also independent of the need of connection to the power grid.


Airports are one of those areas which need an uninterrupted and reliable source of lighting for operations. Many airports are already equipped with solar lights because they are reliable, cheap, and require less maintenance throughout their life cycle. These LED lights can be installed on the runways as well as on the other open spaces on the airports.

Parking and Playgrounds

Lighting is needed in the parking areas and inside playgrounds to keep the space illuminated for safety and security reasons. As the system is independent of the grid, it can be installed anywhere in the playgrounds and parking areas where there is a need for proper lighting. These days the spectators prefer to watch matches that are happening during nighttime because of various reasons. These solar lights can be used to provide high power lighting inside the field at low cost and minimal maintenance.

 Community Roads

Illuminating the areas for safety and security is one of the priorities of community management. These solar lights are perfect choice as they do not require any wiring and can easily be installed alongside the pathways and open spaces. Additionally, these lights can automatically turn on when it senses any motion and are able to operate during cloudy weather conditions.

Commercial and Industrial areas

Industrial and commercial areas are usually bigger in sizes and are filled with visitors and workers throughout the days and nights. The solar lighting system can be used to provide an uninterrupted source of lighting and they are even capable of providing continuous illumination for several days because of the exceptional storage capacities.

Camping areas for tourists

Camping areas and hiking tracks which are manmade and built-in remote locations are a great place for nature lovers who love these activities in the mountains. Since, these tracks are mostly away from urban areas and have no access to grid stations, a solar lighting system is the only suitable choice here. Having a lighting system also helps in getting the attention of tourists and can increase the inflow of people there.

Remote working sites

A lot of work is being done on the remote sites which are far away from urban areas. Some examples of these workers include mining, petroleum explorations, etc. In order to keep the space illuminated for the workers, there is always a need for a constant source of electricity there. Having solar lights system there can be a cheap and reliable source.


In addition to the above, there are many other areas as well where the solar light systems can be used such as hospital parking, residential lighting, ships, etc. These solar lightings are pollution-free lights, require less system for installation, and also provide high power lighting as compared to conventional lighting.

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