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What Are Wireless Solar Powered Security Camera for Outdoor

What issolar-powered security camera?

Solar outdoor security cameras harness power from the sun and are used to provide 24 hours of surveillance without relying on electricity. It uses the solar panel to convert energy from the sun and uses that to power the camera without the need for electric sources or cables. The whole system is self-sufficient and only rely on natural resource to charge which means no subscription charges or monthly fees.

A solar-powered security camera is a good option at places where running cables would be expensive and impossible, such as construction sites, remote areas like rural farms, barns, etc.  The complete system includes solar panels, cameras, and rechargeable batteries.

outdoor solar security lights


How do Solar powered security cameras work?

Solar cameras use high-grade solar panels to convert the sunlight into direct current (DC).  An inverter is used to convert DC into alternating current (AC) which is then used to power solar cameras and batteries for continued use. The excess power created by solar panels is stored in these rechargeable batteries which act as a power source during the night when there is no sunlight. Contrary to the most common belief that solar camera doesn’t work during cloudy and rainy days, there is always some amount of light that can pass through rain and clouds and can be used to power the system.

But undoubtedly, the efficiency of the system will decrease during rainy or cloudy days to some extent. Moreover, the system comes with a weatherproof design that can withstand extreme conditions. Some models also come with dust-proof treated with UV protection, or a canopy that allows the camera to take clear visuals while it’s raining.

solar camera street light

The amount of electricity that a solar panel for an outdoor solar security camera can generate depends on several factors like the orientation of the panel, average sun exposure, weather conditions, etc. In order to maximize the output power of the system, place the solar panel perpendicular to the sunlight, and the tilt of the panel should be adjusted in a way to have maximum exposure to the sun during peak hours.

The system should be kept away from the places where there is enough shade throughout the day and should be installed away from obstacles that can block the sunlight. Wiping the surface of the panels regularly can help to improve its performance. Though some panels also come with auto-cleaning wipers that can do this work autonomously.


Increase in Demand over the last few years

Since it operates on a clean power source, the system is gaining traction in many countries as the public is more inclined towards adapting environmental solutions these days.

In order to encourage people to adopt solar-powered technologies, the government of various countries such as the US, UK, Canada, etc., are offering incentives as a means to motivate people towards using these technologies. According to numbers, the price of solar, including a solar-powered camera system has decreased by 70% while the number of adoptions has increased by 6000% from 2005 to 2014.


Benefits of Wireless Solar-powered Security Cameras

1-Flexible Location

One of the key benefits of the solar camera is that it can be installed anywhere and can sustain rainy and foggy days as long as there is sufficient sunlight available. It doesn’t require the use of cables and a power grid to work. It can easily be installed in remote sites or geographically challenging environments.

2- Easy to Install

The installation procedure is straightforward and can quickly be installed in any desired location. No need to run through the problems of messy cables and drill holes. The system is also removable and can be transferred easily to another site or location. The installation manual records step-by-step illustration of how to install the solar cameras and one can easily follow along.

3-Environmental Friendly

The system offers a green solution and doesn’t harm the environment. There are no side effects of using solar-powered cameras as it doesn’t cause any pollution.

4- 24 Hours surveillance

During the day the solar camera works on the solar light and during the night, the rechargeable batteries are used as a power source. This helps the system to be up and running throughout the day and night. The camera also comes with night vision capability to enhance the vision when there is not enough lighting available.

5- Longer life Span

The solar panel is the crucial part of the system and it is manufactured using the latest technologies, thanks to the phenomenal advances in science that have remarkably increased the efficiency of solar panels which can now last for several years without the reduction in its efficiency.

6-Integrated LED lights with Solar Camera

outdoor light with camera

This is an upgraded version of the product that combines the provision of LED lights with an integrated camera. This provides two functions, 24-hour surveillance, and a lighting solution during the night. The system comes with an intelligent control system that scientifically calculates the lighting output based on weather and battery capacity.

7- Camera Features

The system supports local and remote operations, like video recording, pictures, timer recording, night vision cameras, etc. It brings compatibility with android, IOS, and Windows operating systems.


The initial cost of buying the complete system might be a heavy investment, but the future benefits and zero running cost outweigh those initial one-time costs.

 9-Motion Sensors

There are some Wireless Solar Powered Security Camera product variants that also have a motion sensor installed to monitor and alarm the movement of people walking under it. The system sends alert whenever it detects a person walking under its area of operation and has the provision of sounding the alarm.

10-Scalability & 4G/WIFI Connectivity

Many variants are also coming into the markets with 4G and WIFI connectivity which helps the user to connect it with the cloud and operate it remotely. 4G solar surveillance cameras are capable of covering vast areas, can connect and record to a 4g security camera, and backup surveillance footage to a cloud platform with remote accessibility.

4G security cameras are the perfect solution for all one outdoor surveillance systems with cloud storage