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Top 3 factors to choose outdoor solar lights properly

Users or consumers often find there are lots of key factors in selecting outdoor solar lights,hence, we figure out top 3 factors here.

Top 3 Factors to Choose Outdoor Solar Lights

We all understand that we shall make a good quality product for our users across the world. No matter they are coming from Malaysia, Saudi, UAE, Sweden, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Namibia, Uganda, or elsewhere, they will all be treated with a high standard quality product. Mostly, the solar-powered street lights are all in one type in the market. All in one is actually three in one type. Three means three major parts for solar street lights, i.e.  solar panel, LED light, and battery. Therefore, I am recommending use to take a look at these top 3 factors before buying solar-powered street lights. Let’s begin.




Barack Obama in the largest photovoltaic plant in Nevada


It took around two decades for photovoltaics (PV) or solar PV to become a mainstream electricity source from small scale applications. Price in the past could only be accepted by users like military and aerospace who don’t really care about the cost too much. Now, the price has dropped to a level that is affordable to civil users.

Solar panel energy has been developed for many years. Technically speaking, the product is mature enough. Usually, the high-efficiency solar cell will come with an MPPT controller for stable performance. The controller also takes care of light absorption in summer and winter.

As regards to the efficiency, monocrystalline solar panels are higher efficiencies and sleeker aesthetics than polycrystalline solar panels. Doubtlessly, polycrystalline panels are sold at a lower price.

Both monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels serve the same function in the solar PV system: they capture energy from the sun and turn it into electricity. The technology is so powerful that it can even work and provide lighting under weak light conditions. This is especially helpful in wintertime for high latitude areas like Sweden and Canada. Our customer in Sweden is continuously buying solar-powered street lights from us which is a great honor to us. It is sure that we have installed a special component unit for Sweden market which need complementary power in winter.

As mentioned, the solar panel industry has been developed for so many years. The solar panel itself is guaranteed with at least 20 years lifespan in most cases.



The top 3 factors for outdoor solar lights go number 2. LED chips are various and different chip vendors provide respective lighting solutions. Bridgelux, Cree, Lumileds, Nichia, OSRAM and Philips are common choices of solar lights factories who cherish their product quality and reputation.

For example, when we choose Bridgelux, we will take into consideration of LED power and lumen efficacy into consideration after comparison between brand and brand. Bridgelux has great performance regarding ESD protection. ESD protection devices (anti-static components) protect a circuit from Electrostatic discharge (ESD). The value of ESD for Bridgelux can be as high as 3000V. The product of the brand has high stability because it has a double electric shock structure and has 6 protective films on the surface. The factory is easier to operate in the downstream production process while the product yield is better controlled. At the same time, the light decay is less.

As a whole, other brands are also being picked for use when we produce a specific item since we need to consider the system output performance.



The battery unit is outsourced from battery vendor. If an outdoor solar light manufacturer wants to use a low-cost component, then a lead-acid battery is possibly being used. The lead-acid battery has one of the lowest power-to-weight & power-to-volume battery designs in existence, making it big and heavy for the total amount of power it can put out.

In past years, quite many off-grid energy systems are equipped with lead-acid batteries. Now, most of them are defunct or replaced. People are turning to the solution of LiFePO4 lithium-ion battery.

LiFePo4 battery pack with 2000 times long life circles which is 3 times longer than Lead-Acid battery. When you browsing on the internet shopping site for outdoor solar lights, some vendors will indicate the warranty time of the product. Some warranties are so short that you will question yourself for what circumstance a customer will buy and question sellers for what kind of product they are selling at such a low price.

Moreover, please be aware of some suppliers who are using second-hand batteries taking down from electric vehicles.

Above the top 3 key factors are of fundamental importance as they are the main parts of outdoor solar lights.

We are carefully selecting our battery vendor and use the lithium battery product that can support a longer lifespan which is beneficial to both customers and us.

For more details, please check our web site or just send a query to us for a prompt and professional response.


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Lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4 battery) or Ternary lithium battery ?

How to choose a solar street light battery?

As we all know, more and more people are buying integrated solar street lights, and one of the keys points of the Solar Street Light quality is the selection of solar street light batteries. Usually, we use Ternary Lithium batteries or LiFePO4 batteries. Let’s compare the difference between the two.

LUXMAN - solar battery manufacturer

First of all, why we use lithium batteries?

Lithium batteries (Li-ion, Lithium Battery): Lithium batteries are widely used because of their advantages of a lightweight, large capacity and no memory effect. The energy density of lithium batteries is very high, and their capacity is 1.5-2 times that of Ni-MH batteries of the same weight. (SYLVANIA solar street lamps adopted Ni-MH batteries) Lithium also has a low self-discharge rate. In addition, lithium batteries have few “memory effects” and no toxic substances, which are also important reasons for their wide application.

32700 battery

Ternary Lithium batteries and LiFePO4 batteries are the two main types of Lithium Batteries that are used for Solar lighting products.

Ternary lithium battery Vs lithium iron phosphate battery

I:  The material system of a LiFePO4 battery and a ternary Lithium battery is different.

II:  A LiFePO4 battery is a 3.2V voltage platform, with a cycle life of more than 2000 charges.

III:  The ternary lithium battery is a 3.7V voltage platform, and the cycle life depends on different manufacturers, different models, and processes, and generally, it is 500-800 charge cycles.

IV:  LiFePO4 batteries offer better high-temperature performance, while ternary lithium batteries have better low-temperature performance.

V:  LiFePO4 solar street light batteries are safer.

Further analysis of the two kinds of lithium batteries,

LiFePO4 batteries are characterized by high safety, high rate charge-discharge characteristics and long cycle life. The battery capacity is 80% of the initial capacity after 1600 cycles when the charging condition is 1C multiple charging to 3.65V, then the constant voltage is changed to 0.02C, and then the discharge voltage is 2.0V at 1C multiple charging to 2.0V cut-off voltage. LiFePO4 batteries also have stable charge-discharge characteristics and good fast charge characteristics. In addition to its long life and excellent charge-discharge performance, the greatest advantage of LiFePO4 batteries is their safety. The chemical properties of liFePO4 batteries are stable and the high-temperature stability is good. The LiFePO4 batteries begin to decompose at 700-800 C, and will not release oxygen molecules in the face of impact, needling, short circuit, and so on. It will not produce intense combustion and has high safety performance

32700 battery cell

The disadvantage of a LiFePO4 battery is that its performance is greatly affected by temperature, especially in a low-temperature environment, where the discharge capacity and capacity will be greatly reduced. In addition, there are some performance defects in lithium iron phosphate. The energy density of the battery is low, only the weight energy density of the battery is 120Wh/kg. If the energy density of the whole stack, including the battery management system, heat dissipation, and other components is calculated, it will be lower. The cost of material preparation and the cost of battery manufacturing are higher, the yield of the battery is low and the consistency is poor. The cost per pack is higher than that of ternary lithium batteries

Ternary lithium batteries refer to lithium batteries containing transition metal lithium-intercalated oxides containing nickel, cobalt and manganese, which can be expressed as LiMnxNiyCo1-x-yO2 (0 < x < 0.5, 0 < y < 0.5). This material combines the advantages of lithium cobalt oxide, lithium nickel oxide, and lithium manganate, and forms a ternary synergistic effect of three materials, whose comprehensive properties are superior to any single combination compound. Weight energy density can reach 200Wh/kg

The safety of ternary lithium batteries is poor. The thermal stability of ternary lithium batteries is poor. They will decompose at 250-300C. When it encounters flammable electrolytes and carbon materials, decomposition will start at a point. The heat generated will further intensify the decomposition of the positive pole, and it will deflagrate in a very short time. In a car accident, the impact of external force can damage the battery diaphragm, which will lead to a short circuit, and the heat generated during the short circuit will cause the thermal temperature to rapidly rise to more than 300 C, creating the risk of spontaneous combustion. Therefore, for ternary lithium batteries, the battery management system and heat dissipation system are very important.

From the solar street light battery knowledge above, you can know whether the light purchased is a high or low-quality version.

If you purchase Integrated solar LED street lamps only marked “Lithium battery”, you have to know it uses LiFePO4 batteries or other Lithium batteries. Most of the time it will be ternary Lithium batteries. If it is ternary lithium power, do not expect a five-year service life guarantee.


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