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how to buy solar street light

Consumers Often Make Some Wrong Decisions When Buying Solar Street Lights

How to buy solar street lights products for your project?

In recent years, all-in-one solar street lights have been used in many projects, and they are favored by many engineering companies because of easy installation.

We would like to share some mistakes that consumers would make during purchasing.

semi split type solar street light

Mistake 1: The same configuration, choose the lowest price.

Solar street lights cannot simply look at the appearance and configuration. For products with the same appearance, the shell and battery are different, which has a great impact on the price. The same aluminum or ABS material, the shell thickness is different, the cost difference is obvious. There are differences between brand new and second-hand batteries, and the prices of battery products from different manufacturers are also different. Therefore, cooperation with powerful companies is far better than low-priced products. During our warranty period, for any product in question, we will send parts for free, and remotely video guide the operation, including shipping costs. In this way, customers can not only accumulate reputation and orders but also avoid the troubles caused by bad products.

Mistake 2: Count the number of lamp LEDs to determine the LED power.

The more the number of LEDs, the brighter or the greater the power. Customers who have no physical foundation or some common sense of electronic products simply think that the more the number of LED beads in a lamp, the greater the power, and the simplest method of calculating the lamp beads are used to determine the power. But in fact, this method is unscientific and falls into the trap of the seller, because it is the voltage and current output by the controller that determines the power of the street lamp. Although the LED lamp module itself has more lamp beads, the higher the power can be made, but it is not appropriate. The voltage and current of the LED module can’t reach the nominal power, it’s just self-deception.

Mistake 3: The higher the power of solar street lights, the better.

There are roughly two ways to express the power of solar street lights: one is to express the power of the street lamp in the name of lamp Leds; the other is a product based on the voltage and current output by the battery controller, and the actual 100% full power is on. The power of the lamp is the actual maximum power. The first way of expression is more common in the market. This is a routine of sellers. The second way of expression is more scientific, the light power is written according to the actual, and there is no sense of deception. We only recommend the second way of solar street lights. According to the actual power of solar street lights, is the higher the power, the better? Obviously not, the suitable street lamp is the best. Because street lights of different power have different requirements for the installation height, such as 30W solar street lights, the recommended installation height is 6-7 meters. If a 60W street light is installed, there will be several impacts: 1 cost increase, 2 consider the side length of the lamp body If it is blocked, the installation will also affect. 3 Some customers have complained that the light is too bright and affects sleep. Therefore, the best choice is a solar street light with a suitable height and suitable power.

France Dassault: A beautiful plane must be a good plane. In the same way, the product design of the new integrated solar street light we designed is based on the shortcomings of the previous generation products, and we have also consulted many customers’ feedback and requirements. Both the appearance and the built-in are first-class products. The appearance adopts a streamlined design, the top is bird-proof, and the integrated waterproof design does not require glue during production and meets the waterproof requirements, which can shorten the working hours and be more environmentally friendly. The whole lamp has passed IP66 certification. The internal design is modular, including LED modules, controller modules, and battery modules, all of which can be replaced quickly, making maintenance easier and more convenient.

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