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How to prevent people from stealing your solar street light?

Many workers also report that battery equipment is being damaged or removed and stolen, it is really a challenge to replace and repair. Not only is the cost of the battery itself high but also if stolen, replacements are costly and can create safety concerns on private and public roadways that hold the street lights, this will cost a lot of money and working hours to replace.

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In order to reduce the theft of solar street lamps, the safety of the equipment can be strengthened from the following aspects:

  1. The cost of solar street lamps is higher than conventional street lamps, and the anti-theft and stability measures are not matured as research continues on the technology. Users should continue to monitor the security of the solar street lamps where they are easily stolen. They can set up a monitoring system or install an alarm system in order to be informed of thieves stealing equipment in a timely manner. At the same time, customers should also enhance their sense of responsibility and increase some awareness of theft.
  2. The selection of a standard and/or qualified control box, and other solar street light materials are very important in the installation process to ensure that the firmware meets the requirements, as well as to ensure the strength of the solar street light. This, to a certain extent, can also play the role of anti-theft deterrence. If we make a quality battery and bury our batteries underground, we can continue progress in the role of anti-theft prevention. Cover the battery in soil/sod to enhance its concealment to pedestrians.

anti thief solar light

LUXMAN integrated solar street lamp (also known as solar integrated street lamp/solar garden light) The integrated design of our solar street lamp, with anti-theft solar street light screw design, can reduce the risk of stolen batteries and components of solar street lamps. Some customers even equip the light pole with anti-theft wire.

The split-type solar street light battery is easily stolen because it is found on the side of the road. It is common for solar batteries to get stolen, so everyone should be more aware to prevent theft. There are anti-theft packages available to support loss prevention, one of the best ways is to build a land cage and embed the solar street lamps. You can use an upper threading pipe secured 300 mm in the ground, casting a surface finishing level, in the case of lamps and lanterns. Anti-thief Solar street lamps have more expensive colloids and a maintenance-free battery is stored in the battery box, then put about one meter into the ground or cement pool, so after reinforcement, the battery will be safe from environmental hazards and dangers due to theft.

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So how can we improve on our anti-theft measures in solar street lamp equipment? We can mainly begin from the following three options.

  1. The choice of the battery itself

Accumulators generally have three places to install: Underground, light poles, and solar panels on the back. The basement is the most convenient to steal from, so we suggest the best installation from the light pole or solar panels on the back.

We commonly use two kinds of batteries: Lead-Acid batteries also known as colloidal batteries, and lithium-ion phosphate batteries. The Lead-Acid batteries are larger than the lithium-ion phosphate batteries, both in volume and in weight. It increases the load of solar street lights, so it is more efficient to choose a lithium-ion phosphate battery that is lightweight, smaller in size, and holds a high efficiency.

li-ion battery

It is best to choose an integrated solar street lamp because integrated solar panels, batteries, LED light sources, and controllers together are highly efficient, simpler to install, and safer to maintain.

  1. Battery installation

If the user wants to install the battery on the ground, it should not be without anti-theft solutions. The best way is to use the cage encapsulation because the battery is placed in a special moisture-proof box, and then put into the ground about 1.2m into the cement pool. The net height of the cement pool should be about 0.5 meters.

solar street light battery

After the reinforcement treatment, cover with a 5cm thick prefabricated cement board cover, and then weld the cement plate steel and light pole base steel together, as well as the landfill and tamp can. In addition, solar street lights should also be installed in a safer place, if too remote, the risk of being stolen is greater.

3.battery preventive measures

If you want to further confirm the safety of the battery, you can also install additional security or an alarm system. This will allow you to pay attention to the use of solar street lights in real time, if someone tries to steal the equipment, the alarm system automatically alarms. With preventative security deterrence, it can be more convenient to manage solar street lights and prevent theft.

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