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Application of Solar Street Lights in American Real Estate (1)


In recent years, more and more real estate companies in the United States use integrated solar real estate light to replace traditional street lights or AC-powered LED lights. According to the comparison data, the annual growth rate of LED street lamp (AC-based) is 30%, and that of solar street lamp is more than 50%.

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In the early summer evening, the Aaron family finished their dinner and sat by the backyard swimming pool. A round coffee table with Coca-Cola, Budweiser beer, an IPAD and a LUXMAN lighting remote control was surrounded by their wicker chairs. When the sky had just fallen under the cover of darkness, a cluster of white light suddenly lit up and illuminated most of the courtyard. Everyone’s spirit was bright, everyone was excited, saying that they wanted to swim, to play water polo, to play games… The daytime’s fatigue faded and the night life began. It’s LUXMAN who is bringing this light and creating interest in evening activities with integrated solar  lights which utilize the energy storage system of combined solar energy and lithium batteries to power LEDs, for 12 hours of lighting, every night, 365 days a year, without need for replacement for a minimum of 3-5 years.

real estate solar light

Why do more and more real estate developers choose to use solar lighting products?

First, let us understand the advantages of integrated solar street lights. Solar street lights, solar garden lights and other series of outdoor lights are based on the sun’s power which is charging the battery during the daytime and supplying the lighting through LED lamps at night. There is no need to dig trenches to damage the road and no complicated and expensive pipeline cables required during the installation. It can be installed independently and has wide adjustability in the layout of the lamps. It is environmentally friendly, secure and energy-saving. The charging and on/off switch uses intelligent control which is automatic (no manual operation), stable and reliable.

Second, when installed with solar garden lights, solar street lights, solar warning lights, it can not only improve the value of the residential community. It can also make the overall environment more beautiful and also reflect sincere environmental awareness.

LUXMAN - solar street light

Third, when potential buyers of residences come to visit and see the community equipped with environmentally friendly and energy-saving solar energy street lights and, garden lights, they will have a better impression of the community. Accordingly, the installation of solar lights can increase the selling points of the community and facilitate sales.

At present, the United States and the whole world are facing a tough environment and energy problem. The harmful gases and wastes generated by the most common fossil fuel energy sources today are shocking to the atmosphere, water and living environment. The more energy consumption, the more pollution is generated. Solar energy is non-hazardous and non-polluting. It is a true zero-emission environmentally friendly energy source. Solar energy is also an environmentally friendly new energy source encouraged by the United States. It is clean, environmentally friendly and does not consume conventional energy. All those advantages push LUXMAN forward in the development and production of integrated solar lighting. The lithium solar energy storage control system developed and produced by LUXMAN Company can be perfectly matched with various series of solar integrated lights, solar semi-split lights, lithium battery security (lighting), solar garden lights, parking lot lighting, farm lighting and mining industry lighting etc., and can also provide an overall solution for lithium solar lighting and smart lighting. The lithium solar energy storage and control system can ensure that the lithium solar street lights are operational overnight in even the tough environment of more than 7 days of rain and minus 20 degrees centigrade (-4 Fahrenheit).

Therefore, we see that large companies such as Horton, Pulte Homes, Centex, Lennar, etc are more inclined to install integrated solar street lights for house or community roads.


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