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How to Design the All In One Solar Street Lamp?

All In One Solar Street Lamp Appearance Design

“A good aircraft must be a good-looking one,” said Dassault, a French aircraft designer. The same goes for all in one solar street lamps.

Taking the all in one solar street lamp as an example, the application of solar LED street lamp has attracted more and more customers’ attention and favor, but there are some problems in the structural design, lighting creativity, modeling design and other aspects, which has caused considerable confusion to the use and selection of customers. We discuss the five problems existing in the structure and appearance design of all in one solar street light and put forward the corresponding solutions. The main problems existing in the single old solar street lamps on the market are as follows

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First, the surface treatment of materials is difficult to withstand the erosion of a harsh environment for a long time. All lamps are directly installed outdoors, which may encounter acid rain, sandstorm, Blizzard, insolation, and other harsh environments.

Due to the large proportion of aluminum alloy, although its corrosion resistance has been greatly improved after anodizing treatment, it is still impossible to ensure that the oxide film will not be damaged when the lamp is installed. When the oxide film is damaged, the active chemical properties of aluminum alloy can be shown. In some places with relatively large pollution, acid rain is easy to occur, and acid water will accumulate in some gaps on the lamp body. The evaporation of acid water in the gaps will corrode the lamp body after rain and sunny days. The corroded lamp body not only affects the appearance, heat dissipation, but also mechanical properties.

Second, the regular rectangular appearance design does not meet the requirements of wind resistance. The rectangular shape mentioned here refers to the rectangular shape of the lamps and lanterns, and each face presents a large area of a plane. Such a plane is easy to bear force when the wind blows vertically from a plane, its plane cannot differentiate the wind, thus causing pressure on the lamp pole and the fixed structure of lamps and lanterns. This pressure is not obvious in the general situation, but when the lamp pole after a long time of aging and corrosion, if in the coastal areas of a typhoon, there may be a tilt or bending lamp pole or the risk of falling lamps.

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Thirdly, the failure rate of the LED street lamp caused by gluing treatment is high. Gluing treatment mainly refers to the need to apply a lot of industrial glue to make water-proof in the production process due to the congenital profile design reasons, which often leads to three problems: 1. Uneven gluing, resulting in water leakage;

2. Long-term use of lamps, resulting in aging of internal glue, resulting in weakening or complete loss of water-proof function ;

3. Too much gluing and untidy interior of the lamp body may cause poor heat dissipation and affect the lithium battery and LED lamp beads.

This will lead to water damage to the battery on rainy days or LED aging faster, higher failure rate.


Fourth, the overall design brings later maintenance difficulties. Integral design refers to the lamp the entire light source cavity is designed as an unmaintainable whole, or the light source module or the battery package is designed as an unmaintainable whole. The practice in recent years shows that it is impossible for LED lamps to be 100% maintenance-free. And this kind of integral type lamps and lanterns just cannot maintain, after general street lamp appears fault, cannot finish the maintenance task in the overhead car, want to change the whole lamp to return to manufacturer repair. This approach forces the manufacturer to become both a manufacturer and a service provider, at a great cost.

We discussed some solutions to these five problems. For the first and second problems, we believe that the lamps and lanterns need to be structural-type waterproof, reduce the amount of glue, and as far as possible to make a streamlined multi-angle lamp body, to have a reasonable design of heat dissipation holes and diversion surface. In this way, the product has three advantages: 1, the streamlined shape is conducive to direct most of the water to the ground, reducing the corrosion of acid and alkali substances on the lamps; 2, the streamlined surface can greatly reduce the accumulation of dust and snow above, conducive to heat dissipation and reduce the lamp pole and lamp pressure; 3, the multi-angle surface can differentiate the wind force into multiple directions, reducing the pressure of lamp poles and lamps.

For the third and fourth problems, we suggest that the overall design of lamps should be replaced by modular design.

For the fifth problem, it is suggested that the design of luminaires should be considered from the perspective of operators, and attention should be paid to details in the design.

In the aspect of design, compared with the traditional lighting, the integrated solar street lamp LED module has the characteristics of small size and flexible array mode, which can realize various and exquisite product design. In addition, lighting design engineers should develop industrial and artistic design products in combination with regional culture. All places have their own unique regional culture and customs. Only lamps designed according to local characteristics can be more popular with people, and also can let visitors know more about local characteristics.

In addition, lighting designers should not only be proficient in lighting common sense, but also constantly improve their comprehensive quality, go deep into life, know how to find and feel the beauty of life, and integrate emotion into the design of works, so as to realize the design of lamps with vitality and ideas.

With the increasing competition and internationalization of the Chinese market, many small and medium-sized enterprises lack the support of market networks and brands, so they should take the road of professional development and pay attention to product quality. The development of enterprises focuses on how to develop products with high quality, long life, and low price, so as to create a win-win situation for consumers, enterprises and the government.

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