solar traffic light

How do solar traffic lights work

Solar traffic lights are powered by solar panels and are quick to install and easy to move. It is suitable for newly built intersections with large traffic flow and urgent need for new traffic signal command and can meet the needs of emergency power failure, power restriction, and other emergencies. Here’s how solar-powered traffic lights work.

solar traffic lights

How do solar traffic lights work?

Solar panels, powered by the sun to generate electricity, and charge battery through the controller, the controller has overload, over-discharge and short circuit protection function, automatic identification during the day and night, automatic storage battery voltage protection, easy installation, no pollution, etc. The battery discharges the signal machine, transmitter, receiver, and signal lamps through the controller. After the signal machine adjusting the preset mode, the signal will be generated and sent to the transmitter. The wireless signal generated by the transmitter will be transmitted intermittently. The transmitting frequency and intensity of the wireless signal are in line with the relevant regulations of the National Radio Regulatory Commission and will not interfere with the wired and wireless electrical appliances around the use environment. At the same time, ensure that the transmission signal has a strong ability to resist strong magnetic field (high voltage transmission line, automotive electric spark) interference. After receiving the wireless transmission signal, the receiver controls the light source of the signal lamp and realizes that the red, yellow, and green lights work in the preset mode. When the wireless transmission signal is abnormal, the function of the yellow flash can be traffic light

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